Sports Economics

Domingos Freitas do Amaral / 5 ECTs / Semester / English

This course in applied economics explores the various aspects of the economy and sports of sports leagues. Will be considered a relevant number of topics, including: The demand for sport: revenue clubs in stadiums, TV rights market, merchandising and sponsors; The provision of sport: the costs, the value of the talent of the players and coaches, the structure of the labor market, the wages of the "superstars"; Profits of clubs: the maximization of profits or wins?; The finances of clubs: accounting, assets, liabilities, trademarks, Financial Fair Play rules; The American and European leagues in different sports (soccer, basketball, football, etc.); policies of competitive equilibrium alloys; The organization of major world sporting events: the World Cup and the analysis of its economic impact. Other sports: Formula 1, Tennis, Marathons

Prerequisites: Microeconomics I
International Program Prerequisite: Foundations of Microeconomics