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Ágata Clérigo

Pesquisa/Conteúdos, Valentim de Carvalho
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The choice of CATÓLICA-LISBON to update my knowledge in Marketing (and Business Communication) proved to be the best one. After more than a decade working in this area it was important for me to share experiences with other professionals, the completeness and contemporariness of the contents addressed in the program and the competency and level of knowledge of faculty. PAME exceeded my expectations in all these aspects. I can definitely confirm, that I reinforced my skills, took advantage of group experiences, renew creative processes and adapted everything I learned to my professional life.

Domingos Peixoto

Diretor Comercial Coordenador, Sogenave, SA
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Fiz o PAME por acreditar que o conteúdo do mesmo correspondia às minhas expectativas profissionais e pessoais e constituiria um somatório multidimensional de conhecimentos. As expetativas foram superadas. Tive o grato prazer de vivenciar e partilhar experiência coletiva e enriquecedora com um excelente grupo de profissionais, proporcionada pela qualidade e competência dos Coordenadores e pelo excelente elenco de Professores.

Duarte Pereira

Direcção de Retenção e Marketing, Eurest Portugal
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Having graduated and getting an MBA, specializing in Finance and Information Systems, I felt that I had some gaps in the Marketing area. Being responsible for commercial areas for 7 years, I had to look further and get new knowledge in this area. The Advanced Executive Program in Marketing completely opened my horizons and gave me lots of new ideas for the development of new strategies to apply in my job. It has a good balance between academical teachers and others more practical, which give us a great perspective of how Marketing is developed in various sectors. I strongly recommend this Program to all Marketing executives with some practical experience in this area.

Fernanda Servolo

Account Director
FCB Global
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The Advanced Executive Program in Marketing (PAME) gave me the opportunity to broaden my personal and professional horizons thanks to the multidisciplinary curriculum of the course and the excellent group of colleagues, with whom a friendship was developed beyond the academic scope.

The skills I have acquired have proven to be valuable tools to meet the daily challenges presented to me as a professional in Marketing and Advertising.

The great relationship between participants, and between participants and teaching staff, offered me the possibility of learning not only with the faculty but also with colleagues through the exchange of experiences among professionals of the most varied backgrounds, which expanded my vision to include new perspectives.

Hugo Santa Maria

Responsável pela equipa de Gestão de Produto MEO Go, MEO
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

PAME is very well structured and is taught by a very experienced faculty. I point out the practical component (case studies, management simulator) and fieldwork (shopping trip with costumers, visits to leading companies) that are part of the curriculum of this course. Adding to this a class composed of elements of different activity sectors, makes PAME a course with a dynamic environment and fully oriented to share ideas and knowledge.

Having participated in PAME was undoubtedly a winning bet and that's why I recommend it to all of those that intend to improve their marketing skills.

João Canelas Raposo

VP, Head of Business Operations & MERA
Bayer Portugal, SA
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

A frequência do PAME surgiu da necessidade de complementar as minhas qualificações académicas. Conceitos como marketing, globalidade, mercado, estratégia, serviço, produto, marca e sucesso são complementados pela extraordinária troca de experiências entre participantes de realidades profissionais totalmente distintas. As competências, espírito crítico e capacidades desenvolvidas durante o programa justificam toda a energia e esforço exigidos, e a escolha pela Universidade Católica revelou-se uma aposta ganha desde o primeiro dia.

João Goulão

Diretor de Marketing e Vendas, iPlay
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

I decided to join the PAME at the UCP mainly because I felt the need to revisit and reflect upon some conceptual marketing paradigms in a systematic manner. In short, I sought a "laboratory" that would allow me to not only exchange experiences but which would also provide me with a broader vision of marketing dynamics in various industries. Extremely well structured, the PAME proved to be a good example of what marketing essentially is: a constant exercise in positioning by means of analytical tools and the "eternal" Marketing Mix. The "P" of the Product was excellent and had a clearly positive ROI!

Manuel Vaz Rodrigues Júnior

Product Manager
Indesit Company
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Participating in the Advanced Executive Program in Marketing (PAME) of CATÓLICA-LISBON was a very interesting and positive experience for me. After being away from academia for a few years, I felt the need to recycle my knowledge in management and marketing. Given my specialization in the sales/marketing area, it was imperative to get updated with the latest marketing knowledge, techniques and tools. PAME made this possible, by offering a high level teaching staff and group of participants that enabled a positive learning environment where new areas of marketing were introduced and the sharing of professional experiences and practices was encouraged.

Marta Almeida

General Manager
Protagonistway - Publicidad
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The PAME was an extremely important step for my professional career. After several years in the labour market I felt the need to refresh my knowledge in the area of Marketing. This need was amply satisfied thanks to the excellence of the teaching faculty, the course curriculum and the quality of the students participating in the course. It was good to share experiences. The PAME surpassed all my expectations and there is no doubt that it added value to my professional career.

Miguel Fernandes de Oliveira

Commercial Director
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The decision to participate in PAME overlapped with a new and ambitious professional challenge, which implied additional sacrifices. Today I clearly know that this was the best decision I made, because I fulfilled my main objective - to consolidate knowledge in this area and thus add value to my work.

I consider PAME a well-structured, well-organized program with added value in most of the themes addressed. I also want to point out that I met lecturers and "PAMEnians" who enriched and gave me a new perspective on different subjects. In short, the investment was largely outweighed.

Mónica Oliveira

Direção Marketing
Manuel Rui Azinhais Nabeiro - Adega Mayor
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Today's marketers are asked to draw global, relevant and omnipresent brands. In this context, PAME marks for the difference. With a well-organized structure, very complete and relevant content, it gives the participants real skills. A faculty of excellence, with evidence given in the market, which enriches the contents and raises the meticulousness of the program. The active exchange of experiences between the participants promotes a dynamic where the plurality of perspectives is an advantage. This program places marketing at the heart of any business strategy.

Patrícia Cecílio

Técnica de Marketing
Novo Banco
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The Advanced Executive Program in Marketing has confirmed the CATÓLICA-LISBON's reputation for excellence. The scope of the program contents, the quality of the professors and guest lecturers, the topicality of the subjects and the experiences shared by each participant ensured that this program was a unique experience, which contributed towards transforming what we learnt into something truly different, in the service that we provide to our clients. When I decided to attend the Advanced Executive Program in Marketing I did so with a view to reinforcing my skills and enhancing my capacity to deal with new professional challenges. The Advanced Executive Program in Marketing was exactly the solution I was seeking. It surpassed all my expectations and I am now part of a network that will prove invaluable in the future.

Paulo Fonseca

Senior Specialist Retail Marketing Campaigns
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

When I decided to attend a marketing program, I chose PAME because I thought it was the program with the most current contents and with the best faculty. I was very surprised because in addition to confirming my expectations regarding these aspects, I found a very dynamic faculty committed to adapting the subjects to the reality of the participants. It was a pleasant surprise to note that there are programs that allow professionals to continue their academic journey even with the conditions of those who are in the active life, all the participants felt motivated even after a day of work.

Pedro Palha

Marketing Territory Champion, PwC Portugal
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

My participation in the PAME program was due to a need to acquiring insights in the Marketing area, combining theory with a practical view in its fullest. The PAME program helped me to grow both at a personal and professional levels, either for the quality modules, or for the teaching staff. This course is characterized by: precision; sharing knowledge and professional experience; cooperation; team spirit; an excellent work environment and mutual support; and also the relationship between teachers and students.

Rodrigo Alfaiate

Area Sales Manager
Nissan Gest
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The PAME is very well structured and organised, taught by a faculty that combines excellent technical knowledge and real experience in well known companies. This program was an excellent opportunity to enhance my personal and professional skills and added value to my career. It helped me to see and understand the market and its players in another way and contributed towards developing new techniques to support decision making processes. The marketing simulator and the final marketing project were a way of consolidating knowledge and implementing the techniques assimilated during the course.

Rui Rijo

Diretor de Unidade Técnica
Banco Comercial Português
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Participating in the Advanced Executive Program in Marketing (PAME) was a very gratifying experience. The program is adequately structured and covers a wide range of themes. The quality of the teaching staff is worth mentioning, as they balance a solid theoretical knowledge with their vast and rich professional know-how. Sharing this experience with an excellent group of other participants, that came from such different backgrounds, allowed me to get to know realities extremely different from my own. For this reason, PAME is a fundamental program from those whose goal is to get a holistic view of Marketing, an area that is constantly changing and evolving, especially during crisis times.

Sandra Vaz

Consultora de Marketing
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

After several years of working in marketing and brand management, and in order to strengthen my skills to start a new professional project in Marketing, I felt the need to learn new concepts, emerging trends and consolidate my current knowledge. Choosing CATÓLICA-LISBON’s PAME was the right choice to achieve these goals. I emphasize the quality and contents of the program, of the faculty and the active involvement of the participants, which promoted the exchange of experiences and know-how, thus making this program an added value to my personal and professional life.

Sara Andrade Santos

Marketing Assistant
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

Participating in the Advanced Executive Program in Marketing was one of the best decisions I made both personally and professionally. Their updated and relevant curriculum for today’s Marketing Managers, with experienced faculty members and with great sharing of knowledge amongst fellow colleagues, makes me feel prepared to face the market’s most demanding and diversified challenges. PAME is therefore the best program for those who want to deepen their knowledge in Marketing, in any business sector.

Tiago Marques

Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos

The PAME program was the best choice for me, as I was searching for a marketing training program that provided not only a general perspective, but also the necessary depth in order to put the knowledge into practice. After completing the program, I can say that it was just that, and somewhat more, given the constant knowledge sharing among marketeers whose daily work resides in the area we were addressing, there was also a constant sharing of knowledge with fellow colleagues from other business areas that was truly enriching, in addition to the new forged friendships within the group.

Vanessa Fernandes

Senior Finance Manager
Bacardi-Martini Portugal
Programa Avançado de Marketing para Executivos (PAME)

PAME at Católica was a personal challenge that ended up being just like a professional adventure! The choice of Católica was planned and it was right in the end! The expectations were exceeded by the diversity of the experiences and the teaching staff’s quality. PAME gave me a more strategic and modern perspective in the approach of the brand and value creation. It was a very grateful experience for the excellent group of participants, for knowledge exchange and the companionship. To the coordinators Pedro & Rita whom always kept us motivated and focused, there is no words.


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