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Alexandra Rebelo

Senior Manager
Banco Efisa, S.A.
Fintech Disruption Program

The deep and fast changes in the current financial context, with new players in a market that for decades belonged to the banks, lead to a growing need for updating, and knowledge, about our competitors. In that sense, Fintech Disruption Program is an essential tool for knowledge sharing and ensures an excellent approach to the short-term challenges.  

André Filipe Morais

Fintech Disruption Program

The Fintech Program provided me with solid knowledge and mental frames regarding the State of the Art of the technological disruption of the financial markets, covering a wide range of contents – namely, from the regulation to the Artificial Intelligence, including cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. With this program of excellence, I became a more aware as a professional, to understand the latest technological advancements in themes as diverse as the collaborative financing or payment systems, either regarding their technological specificities or their regulatory challenges.

Arthur Pinheiro

Senior Settlement Account Manager
BNP Paribas
Fintech Disruption Program

The Fintech Disruption Program introduces us to the universe of solutions and best practices that currently exist in the financial world, and challenges us to think about what lies ahead and existing opportunities. Thanks to both a Faculty of excellence, composed by masters in the Fintech related areas, and a group of participants who enabled an environment prone to discussion and learning; this program showed me a new side of the financial world and a number of new ideas. I am extremely happy for having participated in this program.

Diogo Toscano Santos

Corporate Sales Key Account Manager
Fintech Disruption Program

The Fintech Disruption Program is a way to get to know a little bit better the opportunities that await us in the near future. It is disruptive, innovative, challenging, intensive, fertile in new concepts, captivating and rich in contents that, although they are already being used worldwide, very few people are currently able to explain. The Faculty at Universidade Católica is one of the differentiating factors of this program, as they present themselves as being part of the rare people that have accumulated adequate experience in an area, which is still in its early steps, providing them with a high degree of confidence in teaching these contents. It is also important to highlight the great organization and structure of the program, as the theoretical concepts are addressed together with real life cases, and the invited speakers are Fintech professionals, who give their testimonials first-hand. This provides an extra degree of interest and up-to-dateness to the contents. The program also has a key factor which is networking, allowing participants to explore their professional contact networks.

Filipe Barata

Co-Founder and Partner
Rogério Alves & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados RL
Fintech Disruption Program

This Program gave me an overall insight about the fintech universe, and also instigated my curiosity about the disruption/revolution that the finance world is living.

José Manuel Barros

Fintech Disruption Program

The first edition of the Fintech Disruption Program brought to the education agenda an innovative and wide sector in a fast growing stage, that will lead, in a short term, to a disruption in all knowledge and activity areas. In that extent, the program gave me a relevant insight about the essence of this massive movement, which is focused in the credit, insuring and finance industries, and allowed me to acknowledge about its effects, and consequently to adopt a more suitable positioning in order to face that new reality that is arriving to our lives.

Luís Almeida

Administrador do Pelouro
Associação Mutualista Montepio
Fintech Disruption Program

The worldwide financial ecosystem has suffered profound changes in the last few years, most of all after the 2008 crisis. The most visible one being, probably, the appearance of tech-based financial companies, that introduced new business models and new products and services to a universe dominated by, until now, the traditional banking. Nowadays, not only it is impossible to, but also little wise to ignore the Fintech’s impact in the financial sector. It becomes essential for the professionals in this area (and in other areas), to better understand this universe, it’s trends and international best practices; and the Fintech Disruption Program from CATÓLICA LISBON, given its great rigor and up-to-dateness, successfully reaches all these goals.

Luís Pereira

Corporate Finance Senior Advisor
Banco Efisa
Fintech Disruption Program

Fintech has helped solve several specific problems that have become challenging for banks. They have the agility to focus on the product that satisfies specific and rapidly changing needs. The Banks, on the other hand, have scalability, brand and distribution. With what I have learnt in the Fintech Disruption Program, I can conclude that the collaboration among these two entities may result in a magical combination.

Mário Rui Ribeiro

Diretor Coordenador
ASF – Autoridade de Supervisão de seguros e Fundos de Pensões
Fintech Disruption Program

In a world where innovation is the driving force of development, and therefore the anchor of success in the corporate world, we realize that costumers search more and more for a fast-access, real-time personalized product. Inevitably, whatever the field of activity is, mastering the so-called innovative technologies becomes central. Thanks to the Fintech Disruption Program, words such as RegTech, BlockChain/Crypto, Smart Contrats, Machine Learning, among others, have intensely become part of my daily life, and that knowledge has allowed me to strongly follow the evolution of these new applications and trends to the new financial system.

Miguel Teixeira Coelho

Presidente Conselho de Administração
Montepio Gestão de Ativos
Fintech Disruption Program

The social and economic changes of recent years, as well as the arising of new business models and technologies are, simultaneously, threats and opportunities for the banking, insurance and assets management businesses.
With that in mind, the CATÓLICA-LISBON Fintech Disruption Program presented itself as a great opportunity to strengthen my skills in those areas, and to make me able to prepare in a more strong and qualified way the “future that has already begun”.

Pritesh D. Kotecha

CMO - Partner
Fintech Disruption Program

I believe Católica did very well in surrounding itself with the best professionals in the sector and a faculty of reference. They defined a training program that truly delivers on the current markets’ needs. The professors welcome participation, including that of invited external guests who enrich the program. Innovative, surprising, designed for the future.

Sara Macias

Senior Partner
Macia Y Associados
Fintech Disruption Program

The Fintech Disruption Program allowed the clarification of ideas and key concepts about the Fintech universe. In my personal case, as a lawyer, it acted as a “shot” of attention to the new economic realities, already operating in that activity, and to meet the needs of a much closer future than what I have imagined.


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