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Alexandre Bruno

Diretor Técnico Internacional, ZAGOPE S.A.
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

In an increasingly competitive and demanding labour market, training and updated knowledge in the area of project management are essential for anyone who wishes to progress in their professional careers, in the most diverse fields. With the globalisation of markets it is also necessary to understand and interact with other cultures and management styles. The main advantage of this course is precisely the diversity of the participants' areas, which allowed us to view situations and experiences from different perspectives.

Bruno Martins

SAP-HR Team Leader e Project Manager
Edinfor - a LogicaCMG Company
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

As a project manager responsible for implementing ERPs, my participation in the PAGAP allowed me to develop and update my professional and academic knowledge, opening up new horizons and perspectives with regard to everyday activities, about which we sometimes made decisions as a matter of routine. It was undoubtedly a gratifying experience and was an important tool for my professional career, transforming an enriching challenge into a winning proposition. On the other hand, it provided me with the means and tools necessary to prepare for my PMP Certificate issued by the PMI. Today, having already been certified, I have a far clearer and more practical understanding of all the basic processes of Project Management. The course is an asset for our day-to-day activities considering the way it helps map best practices and standards in the field of project management, in an increasingly demanding environment.

Carlos Borda

Field Service Engineer
Omnisens, Lausanne
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

O PAGAP foi uma experiência excelente. Concentra o melhor de dois mundos na medida em que aliada ao reputado nome da Universidade Católica na formação de executivos, se encontra uma formação que aborda o estado da arte da pluridisciplinaridade de competências/técnicas necessárias à gestão e avaliação de projetos. Acrescenta-se a isto os diferentes backgrounds de cada participante e professores, e temos uma permuta de experiências e qualidade dos módulos que tornam o curso ainda mais enriquecedor.

Celeste Ramalho

Project and I&D Management
The Navigator Company
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

Attending PAGE was an enriching experience at various levels. As Project Manager, I was able to strengthen a more conventional management knowledge such as risk management and budget control, with courses such as Agile Methodologies, Design Thinking and through contact with IT tools to support integrated project management as the MsProject. This program covers many fields, all of which are important for modern project management in multiple contexts and prepare us to face change and team project management.

Fernanda Rodrigues

Director of Track Department
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

The rapid changes that take place in an increasingly complex world also make it necessary for organisations to adapt quickly and public enterprises are no exception to the rule. Their survival and success depend on a sustained development, which cannot be obtained without a strong emphasis on motivating employees to acquire skills and update their performance, by upgrading with new knowledge components. Given the challenges involved in developing new railway projects, the PAGAP allowed me to consolidate knowledge and techniques in the field of project management, since it encompasses the areas of operational and financial management and behavioural aspects associated with managing teams, complementing my technical training very effectively. The program encompasses areas that provide participants with skills that allow them to view organisations from a global perspective and act accordingly. It is a valuable tool for new forms of action owing to the updated and practical manner in which subjects are taught. The greatest added value was sharing experiences and knowledge with the teaching faculty and colleagues from the most diverse areas. The program was thus an enriching challenge that provided me with tools and know-how, preparing me for the great changes that will perforce occur in public enterprises as well, namely in terms of new ways of performing.

Francisco Borges

Area Manager
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

“Após alguns anos de experiência profissional ligados à gestão operacional e de projetos, senti a necessidade de ampliar os meus conhecimentos e consolidar capacidades nestas áreas, passando ainda pela consolidação de soft skills que me permitissem permanecer atualizado e preparado para poder encontrar e aplicar as melhores decisões num mundo global e em permanente mudança.

Nesse sentido, o PAGAP permitiu-me desenvolver capacidades de prever aspetos transversais no que respeita a gestão de projetos e de operações, assim como, consolidar conceitos e novas técnicas que me permitem ver e atuar numa ótica global e transversal, sempre orientado para a criação de valor sem esquecer aspetos críticos como o orçamento, planeamento, qualidade e liderança de equipas.”

Inês Carreira

Gestora de Projetos, Construtora Abrantina, S.A.
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

The PAGAP program provides a balance between our professional life and studies. With excellent teachers, it is possible to achieve great results ( on theoretical and practical levels), offering us essential tools to apply in the business world. The knowledge acquired in PAGAP gives access to a wider range of professional possibilities in the future, whether on a national or international level.

João Chorão

Construction Manager
Bovis Lend Lease Portugal
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

In an increasingly competitive and challenging environment it is necessary to be permanently updated and prepared in order to be able to effectively find and develop the best solutions for the problems that we face daily in the course of our professional activities. Taught by professors with a superlative technical capacity and practical experience, the PAGAP is an excellent contribution to obtain additional skills in the area of project management. It has provided me with an extremely useful set of knowledge and tools for both my professional as well as personal development.

Manuel Cruz de Seixas

Manager in the field of Command and Control
Força Aérea Portuguesa
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

In my professional activities, where changes constantly occur owing to political and strategic/operational decisions, it is essential to be able to adapt projects that are underway, to analyse associated risks and always maintain a capacity for leadership. All these aspects are amply contemplated in the PAGAP, presented in a simple manner, but nonetheless making us feel that we are in the presence of the best professionals in this area. The course enables participants to effectively update and develop knowledge in the area of projects in a tangible and appropriate manner. The approach used for the different areas (operational, financial, human resources) as well as the supporting IT tools were an excellent asset. My congratulations for this initiative.

Marisa Helena Perestrelo

Responsible for planning/Production director
Somague Engenharia
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

After many years of leading projects in all their varied stages I came to the conclusion that while all projects have a head or a director not all heads/directors are necessarily project managers. It is necessary to demystify the idea that managing a project simply entails overseeing costs and that the success of a project depends on being done within the budget. This program was important in order to clarify, develop and systematise what I had already learnt from experience. I think that those who call themselves project managers but are not yet suitably skilled and those who wish to be project managers should attend this course to realise that projects are managed with teams and in a team there are no unimportant activities. We live in a world of constant change and intense competition and hence well-defined strategies, quality, efficient organisation, planning and control, risk management and leadership, which result in a commitment to continuous improvement, are what make the difference.

Ricardo Francisco Pacheco

System Planning Engineer
EDP Holding
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

Over the course of my professional activities I became increasingly interested in and curious about the area of project management, largely due to my contribution towards implementing processes and technologies at the Energy Management Unit of EDP Holding, where I was responsible for managing the EDP Group's production assets in the market. In my view, project management plays a fundamental role in terms of organisations, since it ensures competitiveness and provides solutions for strategic needs in a constantly changing and uncertain competitive world. It is a rigorous form of management that uses best practices while implementing processes, new technologies, infrastructure or initiatives that have a different purpose. Through PAGAP I acquired essential tools and skills that complemented my basic training in the field of Engineering. The program was an asset for my personal and professional development and I would highly recommend attending this course.

Ricardo Mourão

Systems Support Manager
Baxter Médico-Farmacêutica
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

Since I work in a multinational company, every year I see that change constantly occurs. New applications, methodologies, processes and strategies keep appearing, with a view to doing more and doing things better - everything to serve our clients by providing the best quality possible. Teams are formed for all these initiatives so as to implement them better and ensure the necessary follow-up. I have often been involved in many of these projects owing to my professional functions. When I joined the PAGAP I aimed to improve my level of knowledge so as to improve the quality and performance of these projects. However, I found far more than that at the PAGAP. In addition to a very complete and balanced program, I found a set of professors who had both academic and professional experience, who motivated us and gave us the space to develop our skills. Thus, during classes we discussed best practices and practical cases and were provided with materials and bibliography that allowed us to develop them. This is the only way to achieve a rapid learning process, which, balanced with our professional activities, produces a change in attitude during such a short span of time while imparting the knowledge that enables us to be even better professionals. This course was also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants from very diverse areas and with very interesting experiences, which perfectly complemented the classes and the professors. For all these reasons I am very happy that I chose the PAGAP and would not hesitate to recommend it to all professionals who work in the field of projects, irrespective of whether these are simple or complex ventures.

Rogério Dias

Team Leader
PMP, Nokia Siemens Networks Portugal S.A.
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

Foi um enorme prazer frequentar o curso PAGAP - Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos. Foi ao encontro das minhas expetativas a vários níveis. O relacionamento interpessoal e a informação transmitida no decorrer dos módulos, tiveram um papel fundamental no meu desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional.

Sandra Felícia Silva

Director of Certification, Quality and Training
TV Cabo Portugal
Programa Avançado de Gestão e Avaliação de Projetos

The PAGAP was important since it enabled me to further develop my understanding of best practices, so as to consolidate what I had already learnt from experience: managing projects is more than defining schedules and overseeing budgets; it essentially means stipulating realistic objectives, delineating efficient strategies, managing risk, maintaining the cohesion of the team and, obviously, achieving the expected results, giving the client exactly what they want in the quickest possible time. This program was undoubtedly an asset, both at a professional as well as a personal level and I would recommend it to everybody responsible for projects and those who intend to lead and evaluate projects, not only skilled users of Project and Excel, but also result oriented managers, without overlooking the aspects of quality in terms of planning and effective team leadership.


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