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1,5h Program Opening
1,5h Fundamental Right to Data Protection
1,5h Cybersecurity and Cyberstrategy in the context of the RGPD
3h Concepts and Fundamental Principles of GDPR
3h Technological Context of IT, from Origins to Cloud
3h Data Protection Program Implementation
1,5h ARCO Rights of Data Holders
1,5h GDPR Project: Project Dedicated Session - Getting Started


3h Privacy Impact Assessment: Practical Application
3h Privacy By Design
3h Relations with Subcontractors and Third Parties, Data Flows
3h Information Security: Technological Perspective
1,5h The Impact of RGPD on Marketing Activities
3h Organization for Information Security
1,5h The DPO in the Public and Private Sector
1,5h Handling of Personal Data In The Work Context
1,5h Reflexões de um DPO: A Minha Experiência de Implementação


3h Registration, Demonstration of Conformity and Notifications.
1,5h The Right to Erasure and the Right to Data Portability
1,5h Sanctioning Regime
3h Risk Analysis in RGPD
3h Powers and Duties of Control Authorities
3h Change Management
1,5h Data Breaches Investigation and Systems and Data Flows Auditing
1,5h Breach and Response Management
1,5h Emerging Technologies in the Legal Framework of the RGPD
1h50 Social Media and Privacy
3H GDPR Project: Project Dedicated Session - Finalization


3h Privacy in the US
3h Work Presentation


Executive Education - Open Programs

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