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André Pereira

National Key Account Manager
PMI - Tabaqueira
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho

The TEAMS program at the Católica allowed me to deepen my knowledge about multidisciplinary teams leadership, through the combination of theoretical and practical content throughout the course. I also highlight the coaching sessions in group done between TEAMS students, those who still linger after the conclusion of the course, being this an important tool for the continuous application of the learned techniques.

Dora Caria

Head of Audit, Quality and Engineer Solutions
H2 Compliance
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

The mainly practical side of the program enriches the training experience, which is elevated by the creation of a space of openness and trust that easily allows participants from different working contexts, organizational cultures and careers to proactively share their experiences, anxieties and doubts. Personally, the program has provided me with greater peace of mind in a phase of career change, with increasing challenges and responsibilities in the management of multidisciplinary and geographically distant teams and providing me with tools of direct application to the teams, in pursuit of high performance.

Gonçalo Martins

Service Team Leader
Outsystems, S.A.
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho

TEAMS was without doubt one of the academic programs which had more impact in my career. All of the program was of high relevance and immediate applicability either as in a business impact as in a personal where the focus in the emotional intelligence was a surprise. The high quality of the professionals and of the practical component that is induced with the role plays it is excellent to send to daily real cases of the companies.On top of this, the diversity of the areas and cohesion that was created in the group was a valuable component that passed beyond the course where

Henk Feith

Altri Florestal
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho

The things taught showed to be of high relevance to me in professional terms and even personal, and of easy integration in the management of my team and professional relationships. Teachers were extraordinary in their capacity to teach, motivate and monitoring the students, with decisive contributions in concrete cases at work. The course’s colleagues’ group became a cohesive community who lasts until the end of the course, with joint meetings and assistance in concrete cases of team management and professional relationships. My expectations were exceeded and it was, without doubt, the most impacting course I ever had in my life.

Inês Pedro

Operations Manager
Integrity, S.A.
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho

O TEAMS foi um abrir de novos horizontes no que toca à gestão de equipas e de relações pessoais. Através dos seus excelentes docentes, simulações reais e de casos de estudo permitiu-me sentir/viver emoções e situações de forma real. Esta abordagem ajudou-me a colocar em prática, por vezes de forma imediata, um conjunto de novas ideias, ferramentas ou comportamentos. Para quem está a começar a sua aventura na gestão de equipas, como foi o meu caso, o TEAMS permite-nos que iniciemos este percurso de forma estruturada, munidos de diferentes abordagens, ideias e perspetivas.

Mafalda Folque

Técnica Superior
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

The TEAMS program was an unforgettable experience. Learning how to lead means learning how to strengthen relationships, looking towards the other, seeing his admirable skills, developing strategies and behavioural cues. Learning how to lead shows us it is possible to make things happen, to make a difference, while promoting team spirit and cooperation. The TEAMS program is composed by a group of great teachers, always available, motivating and present. Thank you. It was really worth it!

Mário Jordão

Diretor Geral
Lusomapei, SA
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

I had high expectations after looking for the first time to the ETP program. I was very pleased right on the first few sessions and my expectations were greatly exceeded. We were absorbed in a whirlwind of ideas, which ranged from very interesting novelties and the recognition of simple truths, but somehow not always used on a daily basis. The use of the program has become a great challenge and its usage in my work was immediate. We felt a gradual progress in a rewarding way. Learning as a team and the immediate trials facilitated the sessions.

Marta Maria

Iberia Learning & Development Manager
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

Without a doubt, the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics is a benchmark of excellence within Business Schools. It was with great expectation that I started TEAMS and I can say that in all quarters these expectations have been exceeded. The excellence of the faculty, the sharing of experiences, the joint construction of knowledge and skills and, above all, the practical side of the topics covered were the most outstanding aspects. Also from the point of view of long-term return the impact is highly positive. This program had and continues to have a real impact on my day-to-day and in the results achieved by MetLife, the follow-up provided by the teachers and the actuality of the program are once again critical aspects of success.

Nuno Francisco

Country Head Portugal
Banca Farmafactoring, SpA - Suc. Portugal
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho

The TEAMS program was becoming a pleasant surprise during all its duration, with the participation of a teaching staff very qualified and with experience on the various topics discussed, and who always tried to remove their students out of the comfort zone and have a different approach on team traditional leading and how to enhance the performance of these same teams. The practical part of the program allows also a very interesting “on-the-job” learning and close assistance by the teaching staff and by the rest of the program colleagues through an intense share of experiences. TEAMS learning experience stills follows me in the management of my team and has indeed a positive impact in my professional valorisation, but also on my personal growth.

Rui Gomes

Head of Patents, Patent Attorney
J. Pereira da Cruz, S.A.
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

I enrolled in the TEAMS program after almost two years of managing a team. Although I have very specialised profession – as a patent agent –I haven’t had any specific training in management; It took me some time to figure out what matters I needed to improve and focus on, and I searched for a program that covered the various areas in people management, which was both timeless and acknowledged. I was confident that the TEAMS program would be aligned with these criteria, but I was still surprised by the open, collaborative, dedicated environment created by the Faculty and shared among participants. I learnt a lot, and more than that, I feel that I now understand the different existing dimensions in people management and know how I can continue to progress.

Sandra Duque

Coordenadora Geral de Compras
Volkswagen Autoeuropa
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

Energizing Teams for Performance was a fun, invigorating and refreshing experience every day, sprayed with a lot of dynamics, intensity, insight and healthy complicity with professors and colleagues. I felt every day of the program an enthusiasm not common in me, thanks to this rich program, along with the ability of the professors to hypnotize us in the various topics covered, and also by sharing experiences so real and experienced by the various members of the team. I can say that from now on I am an unconditional fan of this program and of Católica, an institution that lives up to the prestige it holds.

Sérgio Lopes

Chefe de Vendas de Veículos Comerciais Pesados
Mercedes Benz, Comercial
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

My investment in the ETP was intended to raise and develop techniques that had a truly practical dimension in performance of the teams I lead and /or that I'm included. In class, we put into practice real situations that we could experience, analyze and act in real time. The sharing of experiences among participants from various business sectors, were essential for the class development and motivation. The knowledge of the teaching staff, the experiences, the commitment and the energy deposited in the real challenges of the participants were the engine of individual and collective achievement lived in this program. The expectations were exceeded and it was, for me, a privilege to be part of this team.

Susana Piteira

PBBR - Law Firm
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

It is with great pleasure that I leave my testimonial about this experience, which I consider to have been, most likely, one of the most enriching I have ever had. I emphasize that, even without previous academic know-how, it is possible to participate in a program about specific aspects in Human Resources Management, confident that, with each and every session, one leaves with a new perspective, a new idea, a new motivation to share with their team. This results from the unique quality of the faculty, their motivated attitude, the excellence of the work exercises prepared and made available by the professors and the methodology applied, as the class lives in “real time” the experience of being both the main actor and the spectator aiming to “energize teams”.

Vitor Lucas

Diretor de Desenvolvimento de Operações
Celulose Beira Industrial (Celbi), S.A.
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance

I had very high expectations after analysing for the first time the Executive program: Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Leading High-Performance Teams. I was very satisfied early in the first sessions and had the vivid feeling of overcome expectations. I felt in each training day a great enthusiasm, thanks to the rich program/curriculum developed, together with the teachers’ ability in focusing on the several themes addressed. I learnt a lot with the experiences shared by my program colleagues, given the straightforwardness in the analysis of the themes and because they came from several different activity sectors. The subjects addressed are fundamental for a good team management and its applicability is immediate.


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