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Ana Pires

Design Thinking for Business Innovation

The Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program was undoubtedly an enriching experience. It is impossible not be inspired by Tiago knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy. Tiago brilliantly guided us into a deep and comprehensive dive into the methodology. During this journey we were able to learn by doing, applying the tools and methods in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary teamwork, iterating through the various steps, revisiting and redefining the challenge as new knowledge and insights were gained along the way. A cutting-edge program, a great group of participants, a wonderful coordinator, a fantastic environment: the perfect mix for this enriching experience that I loved being part of!

André Resende

Hello Park
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

The most important thing to take away from the Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program was to start looking at the problems in a human-centered way.

There is a difference between what we think we are solving and what consumers want to see solved and this program helps us to perceive these differences. The answer to these questions is usually in the emotions and before taking this program, I rarely “spoke” of them when identifying the problems. This course presents tools that help us to decipher these emotions. After all, nobody dreams of drilling a hole in the wall, but rather wants to look at the hanging picture.

I learnt so much, and I recommend it!

Ângelo Freitas

Design Thinking for Business Innovation

I was curious to explore what this methodology could offer and my expectations were eventually exceeded.

During the course lectures, we were able to see valuable ideas coming up and feel that there is always something beyond what we can see at the beginning, that is right in front of us.

All of this originated a team spirit among coordinator and participants including other people we brought in the various themes, and no one was indifferent to it.

We became believers, and want everyone around us to also have this (re)searching spirit, always looking ahead.

Cláudia Figueira

Innovation Manager
Grupo Nabeiro
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

The Design Thinking for Business program run by CATÓLICA-LISBON, is much more than a methodology, it is a new way of thinking and approaching real everyday business issues.

The tools presented bring us systematization and debugging, but most importantly, for me, it is the breakthrough we have during the course. The “Learning by Doing” to which we are exposed to, is extremely challenging.

The fact that it is immediately applicable into real life, presented a huge leap in the capacitation of internal teams in the approach to problem solving and value creation within the Delta Innovation Model.

Cristina Freitas

Diretor Adjunto SI
Luz Saúde
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

The Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program is a complete journey to the methodology, where it is possible to apply the tools and techniques in an environment of intense experimentation.

"Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail. There's only MAKE." – this quote accompanied us during the program, and portrays its essence.

At the end of the program, I felt that I had liberated myself of some dogmas, and it was with a big enthusiasm that I started to experiment and share this new approach with the project teams that I manage.

The program is well structured and the passion of the teaching staff, together with the way they motivate the participants changed the way I think about approaching and solving problems.

With the Design Thinking program, I learned how to create empathy, embrace the unknown and promote a collaborative and effective communication.

An unforgettable experience that I hope to take part again.

Gustavo da Cunha

Business Designer & Chief Architect
Revolution Office Concept
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

If you have ever thought about what is necessary to solve complex problems, the methodology of Design Thinking is undoubtedly a precious tool.

The Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program from CATÓLICA-LISBON University is a valuable alternative to consider

João Veiga

Administrador e Diretor Financeiro
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

I decided to enrol in the first edition of the Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program to get out of my comfort zone. Without realizing it, it was a good starting point. Leaving the comfort zone is a basic principle of the methodology.

At first, I felt like a “fish out of water”, but with the group and session dynamics, I quickly managed to connect to my inner creativity. This activation was so important that I unconsciously use the techniques I have learned, both in my personal and professional life.

To the future participants I leave the following tip: don’t underestimate the value of empathy! It's powerful!

Participating in this course was the first step to challenge the organization where I work, to learn the methodology and to apply it in very specific situations.

Liliana Farinha

Digital Director
By Interactive Brands Agency
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

The Design Thinking for Business Innovation program provides tools to better understand the innovation process in companies. It is key to question the current moment, and put into practice methodologies and insights that help us innovate, do better, and create differently. With the design thinker mindset, a fantastic team, and a Coordination of excellence, it was a great experience to deepen education in this area.

Luís Catarino

Innovation and Burger Category Manager
McDonald’s Portugal
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Often, we wonder if it is worth the investment of time and money in an extra few hours of training after a long day at work. For me, the return of this course was, and continues to be, the most possible.

From the first moment, Tiago inspired us with his energy and surprised us in each lesson with new concepts and challenging ideas, always surpassing our expectations. Every discussion we had was very constructive and always had the participation of everyone, by sharing their experiences and unique concerns.

It is, without a doubt, a course that 'opens up' our mind, introducing such interesting tools that stimulate us to think differently. These tools are still essential today in order to be able to adapt, on a daily basis, to an ever-accelerating and ever-changing world.

Looking forward to a Design Thinking 2.0!

Marta Oliveira

Performance and Business Development
Galp Energia
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Being part of the first edition of the Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program was an incredible experience.

When I applied, I already knew the methodology of Design Thinking, but I was missing the connection between the potential of the theory and the practice.

What happened was so much more than that. The inspiration, teamwork, knowledge sharing and the intensity of the program have had a huge impact on how I work today. The energy and enthusiasm of all those who participated were crucial for this result.

Thank you very much!

Patrícia Silva

Category Specialist
Sonae MC
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

I really enjoyed participating in the second edition of the Design Thinking for Business Innovation Program. Throughout the entire course, I felt challenged and motivated. I learnt with this methodology that there aren’t any right or wrong answers, but instead, many questions to allow a deepening of those which might be the best solutions.

I feel more capable of solving my own professional and personal challenges, in the sense that this course enabled me to think, rethink, act and observe others in new ways.

I loved having the opportunity to meet fellow participants, and with them, have the privilege of going through this learning challenge together.

I also consider that this course was superbly well conducted by Tiago, a great communicator, believer and connoisseur of the methodology.

Teresa Santos

Responsável de Unidade
Seguradoras Unidas, S.A.
Design Thinking for Business Innovation

As metodologias de Design Thinking permitem consolidar as estratégias e ferramentas de trabalho a adotar na área do Customer Care, veiculam as ações que permitem incrementar uma cultura focada no Cliente. Esta abordagem conduz-nos no dia a dia a adoção de uma postura simples e direta perante processos complexos, a identificação de touchpoints com potencial para introduzir novas tecnologias e processos de Inovação, tendo sempre como principio básico foco no Cliente: Interno e Externo.


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