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Institutional Testimonials

"The financial sector is undergoing a significant transformation with technological progress. BNI Europe believes that this disruption will create new opportunities in the sector and compel financial institutions to rethink their business model. Those who have skills in the Fintech area will be able to participate in this future wave of transformation. BNI Europe is a pioneer in innovation and active collaboration with Fintech's: Its success allows us to confirm that this is the way forward. I congratulate the Universidade Católica for this initiative and believe that it can have a significant contribution of this cluster of financial innovation in Portugal."

Pedro Pinto Coelho
BNI Europe Bank, Chairman and CEO


FinTech, the application of new technologies in the financial sector, has fostered an unprecedented pace of growth in financial innovation, creating new business models that have been rapidly transforming the financial industry with consumers that are more demanding and challenges to traditional financial service providers, as well as to regulators and supervisors. Actually, if on one hand the financial innovation is a key factor in the development of the market, it can sometimes develop models and solutions not covered by financial regulation and its rules on investor protection and market stability, involving risks to investors but also regulatory or reputational risks to financial companies. In this context, the knowledge of the FinTech phenomenon and of this changing reality in its various aspects and themes is of great relevance for entities and agents that are active in the financial sector.

Maria João Teixeira
Director of DRIM, responsible for Investor Relation and Market Development (including Financial Innovation), at the CMVM


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