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Smart Cities - Opportunities and Challenges

Did you know that today more than 50% of the global population lives in cities?

And that in the future more than 75% will live in cities?  Have you noticed how the increasing congestion intensifies smog, obstructs emergency vehicles and burdens the economy? And how about how the smog and the climate changes reduce and threaten the wellbeing in the cities?

Should we worry? Obviously, when we are facing all these urban challenges: enable working mothers, provide affordable living space, reduce waste, provide mobility, deliver energy, supply goods, provide water, and the list goes on and on...

But, as Peter Drucker wisely said: “Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise.”

This was the hot topic discussed at yet another Knowledge@CatólicaLisbon initiative, held at CATÓLICA-LISBON on last September 26th under the theme "Smart Cities - Opportunities and Challenges".

René Bohnsack, Associate Professor at CATÓLICA-LISBON and Director of the Smart City Innovation Lab, framed the subject and challenged his guests to talk about their expectations and concerns, sharing the best practices and tools that will enable them to bring their vision to the forefront of what will be the city of the future.

Incredible examples, already in place, were presented by the group of panelists: Nuno Santos, Associate Partner at Deloitte; Chistina M. Bidmon, Researcher at Aarhus Univertsity; José Teixeira, Founder of MediaPrimer and Carlos Luíz, Business Development Director at Municípia. A very interested audience threw at them lots of questions which led to an evening of sharing and dreaming.

This conference also featured the Smart Cities Program - The Major Revolution, an Executive Education Program whose first edition will take place at the end of November.