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Knowledge@CatólicaLisbon is a vehicle of dissemination for the scientific knowledge of excellence, produced in the school, with real impact on society.

The chosen themes lead-off several initiatives that will bring together students and alumni, the academic and business worlds, the State and society.

In an inspiring analysis of the national and international economic outlook, Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics challenges its stakeholders to talk about their expectations and their concerns for the future.

Under a premise of sharing, in several moments throughout the year, we will identify, analyze and debate the hot topics of the moment. And as a result, we will raise awareness, guide and encourage economic, social and political leaders to make informed and thoughtful decisions on the best ways to overcome the challenges that we are facing.

We want to innovate, we want to create an impact, we want to be part of the solutions and go further.


Join us in building a promising future for Portugal and for all of us!