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Operations and Information Management and Big Data Analytics

The Operations and Information Management and Big Data Analytics group is one of the most heterogeneous of the eight research areas, bridging topics that go from information management to operations, technology, innovation and supply chains, all the way to control and robotics.

The group's researchers have authored over 40 publications in scientific journals since 2013, including 10 in journals in the Financial Times’ Top 50 list, such as  Information Systems Research, Management Science, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Research Policy or the Strategic Management Journal. Their work has been awarded prestigious recognition, including, for example, two Best Track Paper Awards from the Association of Information Systems in 2017 for Miguel Godinho de Matos and Filipa Reis, an honorable mention from Manufacturing & Service Operations Management's Practice-Based Competition for Laura Wagner in 2019, and also a Sandy Slaughter Early Career Award, given by Informs to Miguel Godinho de Matos

Operations and Information Management and Big Data Analytics research group members are also represented at the most important international conferences of their fields. They have been invited speakers at schools like MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School, Cornell University, Copenhagen Business School or the Rotterdam School of Management. CATÓLICA-LISBON has also hosted its own conferences in this area, including the Open & User Innovation Conference in 2015, and the Digital Economy Workshop in 2019.

Main research topics

Miguel Godinho de Matos and Filipa Reis study how digitization changes consumer purchase behaviors and firm distribution strategies, using data science to draw conclusions on creative industries or social media.

Laura Wagner, on the other hand, looks at firms’ operations and how post-purchase responsibilities affect their business. For example, she has studied how companies might increase profits in settings where consumers are able to return products, or how quality and safety issues arising from the sale of counterfeits can be mitigated through inventory, technology adoption and information sharing.

This group also includes the area of control and robotics, which is the focus of Pedro Encarnação and his projects on the use of robots for inclusion of children with disabilities in the classroom or on guidance and control strategies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Team members


Title: The impact of digitization on creative industries
Principal Investigator (PI): Miguel Godinho de Matos
Funding: Private

Title: Big Data for Media: Supply, Demand and Consumer Retention in the Age of Big Data
Principal Investigator (PI): Miguel Godinho de Matos
Funding: Private