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Cristina Silva Costa

Herdade Água D'Alte
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Turismo

My change of career for the tourism sector was the reason that led me to enroll in this program. Attending PAGETur was for me a unique and enriching experience for my learning and professional development in the tourism sector.

As a strategic sector of our country, it is crucial for this sector an appropriate qualification and the availability of programs such as PAGETur allow to develop and update knowledge.

The sharing of knowledge and study of practical cases, given by an outstanding faculty, together with the exchange of experiences among the participants, is the ideal combination for those who, like me, needed to extend knowledge in this area.

Diogo Martins

Try Lisbon
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Turismo

In my opinion the PAGETur program is an important tool for entrepreneurs who want to start a new project in the tourism sector. The knowledge acquired in class is fairly current allowing a transversal image of the industry. The case studies and study visits made this course distinctive in the market. On a personal level, the people I met from classmates and teachers, I consider that my expectations were exceeded.

Elisabete Mendes

Turismo de Portugal, I.P.
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Turismo

My participation in the 1st edition of PAGETur was a wise decision as it contributed to the updating of knowledge in management and, consequently, to improve training in management skills, to which I dedicate myself.

The diversity and timeliness of the topics aligned with the national strategy for the sector, contributed to the success of this program which is already part of the academic agenda for tourism executives.

This program allowed me to enrich my networking - professional/academic world - and also enrich my portfolio in the areas of management and tourism.

Filipe Azevedo Coutinho

Managing Partner
Pine Villas – Eco Resort, Lagos
Programa de Gestão para o Turismo

Leading a Tourism and Hospitality Startup, I was looking to complement my management training and consulting experience, with a tourism management training. The good dynamic between PAGEtur's curriculum content, business visits, first-person testimonies, and case studies, made this program the perfect answer to my need. I emphasize the excellence of faculty teachers, full of experience in the sector and the extent, pertinence and useful practical application of the topics addressed. The collaboration and networking between teachers and students, as well as the possibility to work on my personal project as an object of study, throughout the course, were good extras and made this an immersive experience. PAGEtur meant personal and professional development and a source of inspiration, which I recommend to all experienced and new-entry tourism professionals.

Miguel Barbosa

Diretor de Investimento
Portugal Capital Ventures, S.A.
Advanced Management Program for Tourism

Joining Pagetur had as objective deepen my knowledge in the various areas of Tourism, through conferences and seminars, without the evaluation component after each module. This course exceeded my expectations.

The fact that teachers have many years of practical experience in this industry allows us to address very useful practical questions.

From a logistical point of view, the parking convenience, as well as the coffee-break quality, especially on Friday night, is very helpful.

At last, I was fortunate to be part of a fantastic group, with very different backgrounds and ages, which made this experience a memorable one.

Miguel de Andrade

General Manager
Cascade Wellmess & Lifestyle Resort
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Turismo

My participation in the first edition of PAGETur was an enriching experience. The demand for credible curricula and academic value for the professionals from the tourism industry is real and PAGETur came to meet this need. There is a good balance between theoretical and practical cases. The experience of this first edition will certainly help to introduce other differentiating factors and transform PAGETur into a market reference.

Paula Pinheiro Rocha

Diretora/Gestão de Projetos
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Setor do Turismo

Working all my life in the field of environment since I graduated from IST, this Program has allowed me to expand and reinforce my knowledge about Tourism. Increasing my awareness of the subject through the acquisition of new techniques and experiences, contributing not only to my personal and professional appreciation, but also, to give my company the concepts and tools needed to combine the best environmental practices to this sector in evident growth. I would also like to highlight the availability, technical knowledge and competence of all teachers, the excellent environment provided by this institution and the fantastic group of colleagues that I had the opportunity to meet. Naturally, I take a very positive outlook of my participation in CATÓLICA-LISBON PAGETUR.


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