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Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
She holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance from CATÓLICA-LISBON, a Master’s degree in Management (from UNL) and an undergraduate degree in Economics from CATÓLICA…
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Administradora da Universidade Católica, membro do Conselho Superior, do Conselho de Gestão Financeira e Administradora da Fundação da UCP. É Professora Auxiliar…
Master in Monetary and Financial Economics (ISEG), Master in International Relations and Politics (UCP) and holds the Certificate in Global Management (INSEAD…
Full Professor
José Corrêa Guedes, Full Professor, holds a Ph.D. in Finance, Ohio State University, USA and a degree in Economics from CATÓLICA-LISBON. Prof…
Full Professor
João César das Neves, born in 1957, married, father of four, is full professor at CATÓLICA-LISBON. Currently President of the Ethics Commitee of CATÓLICA…
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
João Matos is an Invited Assistant Professor at CATÓLICA-LISBON where he teaches Programme and Negotiation, Communication, Change Management, Intercultural…
Full-time Lecturer
Luís Janeiro holds an MBA and undergraduate degrees (Licenciatura) in Business Administration and in Economics from CATÓLICA-LISBON, where he teaches Taxation in…
Assistant Professor
René Bohnsack, PhD, is Associate Professor for Strategy and Innovation at Católica-Lisbon. René researches the diffusion of technologies and how business…
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
She holds an MBA from UNL and an undergraduate degree in Economics from CATÓLICA-LISBON where she teaches "Financial Report Analysis" in the Management…


Executive Masters

Cátia Fernandes Vaz 
Phone: (+351) 214 269 864


Nádia Fernandes

Directora Regional de Empresas
Banco de Fomento Angola
Executive Master in Management with a specialization in Finance and Control
"As matérias lecionadas tiveram tanto de desafiante como de interessante."