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10 Years post financial crisis - what has changed?

On September 17th CATÓLICA-LISBON launched the new Dean's Speaker Series, with one of the most discussed topics at the moment.

Invited by Nuno Fernandes, to discuss the theme "10 years after the financial crisis - what changed?", the special guest on the first edition of this initiative was the Minister of Finance and President of the Eurogroup, Mário Centeno.

In a crammed auditorium, the two distinguished authorities on the matter, were expected to entail a detailed analysis of the financial crisis that broke out in 2008 with the fall of Lehman Brothers, the euro crisis and the help of the troika. The conversation turned out to be much broader and to also address current issues and attempts to "financial futurology”.

Mário Centeno started out by introducing the issue of the financial crisis and how it suddenly assumed such proportions that "forced" Portugal to request economic and financial assistance from the "troika".

The Finance Minister also took the opportunity to talk about the current outlook both in Portugal and internationally. For Mário Centeno, the pressure of the financial markets in Italy will surely decrease once the government's fiscal plans for 2019 are known.

The President of the Eurogroup left a note of confidence while ensuring that this pressure and mistrust of the markets will not affect the Portuguese public debt.

The audience engaged very actively with interesting and thoughtful questions leading to a pleasant end of a busy day.

The Dean's Speaker Series initiative aims at bringing to the School prominent business leaders from both the private and public sectors, providing our community with insightful perspectives on effective leadership and the opportunity for thought provoking discussions on current topics facing the business community and the world at large.

Watch out for the next event in early November!