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André Gomes Sousa

André Gomes de Sousa

Bedrock Capital Partners
Master in Finance

After more than two and half years of professional experience in the Private Equity business, following almost a decade working in the construction and real estate industry and with a degree in Civil Engineering, I felt the need to improve my financial skills in order to continue developing a successful career in such a demanding business.

CATÓLICA-LISBON’s prestige, the high quality of the Program and the top-notch Faculty and Staff were the key drivers in what became the obvious choice.

Overall, the MIF was an extremely challenging yet truly remarkable and rewarding experience and I absolutely recommend this Program, as it provides a highly stimulating opportunity for all of those who wish to enhance and consolidate their knowledge in the Finance world. 

Executive Masters - MIF - Brian Moreno Navarro

Brian Moreno Navarro

Associate Banker - FIG US, Santander Investment Securities - New York
Master in Finance

I had been working in the Finance industry for three years and saw the Master in Finance as a great opportunity to add to my skills and advance my career. I also enrolled in the December 2011 CFA®L1 and the June 2012 CFA® L2 exams. Although hard work, I enjoyed the challenge and found that the MIF program really supplemented me with my studies for the CFA® exams. I found the lecturers excellent and very helpful with their guidance, advice and support during the program and I could not have achieved these results without them. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience.

David Gonçalves

Associate Director/Engagement Manager, Moody's Analytics
Master in Finance

The Master in Finance provided me with the opportunity to refresh and update my technical skills while allowing me to network with other Finance professionals. The program is, without any doubt, a test to our managing skills, mainly time management and organization of priorities and technical skills as one must deal with various topics in a short time frame. In fact, it's so fast paced that only by the end do you fully realize how much it helped push your career into the next stage.

Elvis Hernandez

Elvis Hernández

Corporate Finance and Risk Management - Director of Consulting Services, Novel Point Consulting LATAM
Master in Finance

After an outstanding career in Central Banking, Consulting and Research, the Master in Finance (MIF) at CATÓLICA-LISBON has been one of the best and most comprehensive programs to acquire knowledge, training and skills in finance, under a very intensive study and the current requirements of the market that top executives need. In addition, the MIF program provided me with updated techniques, methodologies, real-world case studies, CFA® standards and curricula, as well as advanced education in corporate financing and valuation. Furthermore, I benefited from an exceptional national and international faculty, an outstanding network in the global investment community (cross-industry and cross-enterprise), and invaluable professionals who are my friends and colleagues. Finally, MIF helped me turn the financial knowledge into the right pieces for optimizing my previous skills in Economics, Engineering and Operational Research; in order to guide complex decision making processes in terms of Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, Governance, Risk Management and Strategic Options with high standards of ethics and integrity.

Executive Masters - MIF - Filipe Coelho

Filipe Coelho

CFA, Case Team Leader, Bain & Company
Master in Finance

The MIF has been designed to overcome the shortage of leading Financial Masters in the local market. It comprises some unique features, such as CFA® recognition, and is the only Portuguese Master to be recognized as a CFA® Program Partner. Within this matchless combination I found the CFA® experience to be a plus. The faculty encompasses teachers with strong academic skills and in-depth know-how of Finance and business. This distinctiveness provides a new and fresh look over Finance and prepares us to cope with the new challenges which lie ahead. Besides the MIF's classes and Seminars, it is also worth mentioning the Soft Skills experiences, where, for a couple of days, the group has the opportunity to bond more intensively and develop other much needed skills.

Executive Masters - MIF - Luís Mendes

Luís Mendes

PricewaterhouseCoopers & Associados
Master in Finance

After four years of professional experience in auditing following a degree in Economics, I felt the need to deepen my knowledge in Finance. In my search for a University, CATÓLICA-LISBON's prestige, the Program's quality and the high standard of the Professors were the crucial factors in what became an obvious choice. The excellence and the up-to-date syllabus of the courses definitely contributed to exceeding my best expectations. This program was essential to consolidate my knowledge in Finance.

Executive Masters - MIF - Maria Helena Almeida

Maria Helena Almeida

Investor Relations, Sonae
Master in Finance

My decision to enroll on the Master in Finance was motivated by the soaring reputation of the school and the high quality of the program, the best in Portugal in the Finance field. Overall, the MIF is an extremely demanding but rewarding experience, from which I have benefited both professionally and personally. It provides deep theoretical understanding as well as applied knowledge in the main areas of finance. The articulation with the CFA® institute is a plus. I am absolutely sure that I will be a much better professional and a more informed decision maker. I would definitely recommend this program.

Mohammad Uznain Hanif

M&A Senior Associate
Master in Finance

The program is challenging yet rewarding taught by teaching staff with great academic and professional experience, which has helped me gain an in-depth knowledge of finance through theoretical and practical tasks, helping me to develop my skills and take my career in finance to a whole new level.

Executive Masters - MIF - Rita Serra

Rita Serra

Internal Auditor, Nestlé Group Audit
Master in Finance

Working for a multinational company, listed on the stock market, I felt that MIF was the right program for me, because it covers both corporate finance and financial market subjects, allowing me to expand the range of possibilities within the financial area. The Master in Finance has highly specialized professors, always available to share their knowledge and professional experience. The program has a substantial proportion of practical work, through group projects, that contributes significantly to the full understanding of the theoretical subjects. Also, it gives us an important set of soft skills and allows us to work with colleagues from different backgrounds. Overall, MIF was an outstanding experience and definitely the right choice.

Executive Masters - MIF - Rita Soares Nobre

Rita Soares Nobre

Senior Consultant at Financial Markets Department at BESA
Master in Finance

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Master in Finance was fundamental to consolidate my technical knowledge in Finance, combining advanced curricula with knowledgeable professors and colleagues. The main advantages were the well thought-out CFA® preparation plan and the interesting and mature classmates that turned a hard and challenging course into a pleasant experience. In the midst of an unsettled financial market, the Master in Finance and the CFA® have been important drivers in my Investment banking career.

Rodrigo Brito

Master in Finance

The MIF Program is a very demanding and thorough curriculum that provides in-depth coverage of all the key topics in the field of finance, setting the standard for cutting-edge knowledge and delivering a robust educational preparation for those engaging in the business of financial services.

The curriculum allowed me to put the knowledge acquired with my professional experience into perspective and made me feel more confident about my technical skills.  Without question, it has added valuable experience for me.

The theoretical soundness of the program is complemented by a very practical applicability, embodied by the provision of real life examples, case studies and problem solving, both individually and in groups.

The Directors and faculty have exhibited a remarkable intellectual humility at all times, showing great dedication and commitment in transmitting their knowledge and placing it to the service of the students. In addition, they provided the students with all the tools, the time and space required for learning.

The staff was tireless in creating a friendly learning environment, by promoting trust and collaboration, allowing participants to fully leverage knowledge, information sharing, cooperation and mutual help amongst all.

The results were the building of a strong team spirit that encouraged my creativity and pleasure in learning, fostered my resilience and led me to self-overcoming.

Executive Masters - MIF - Rodrigo Prazeres

Rodrigo Prazeres

Chief Financial Officer, Altitude Software
Master in Finance

Returning to CATÓLICA-LISBON after more than 20 years of intense managerial experience and daily exposure to complex decision making in the Corporate Finance environment turned out to be a truly rewarding experience. The Master in Finance program provides a stimulating opportunity for knowledge enhancement, technical refreshment and intellectual challenge, in a strongly competitive and at the same time highly fraternal environment. The high level of academic proficiency provided by the Faculty, complemented by top ranked professionals in their specific field of expertise provides solid ground for a high quality, extremely demanding program, designed for those aiming to invest in their education, irrespective of the current stage of their professional careers.

Susana Neto

Susana Neto

International and Regulatory Policy Unit Senior Officer, CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission)
Master in Finance

The MIF at CATÓLICA-LISBON was a very challenging yet rewarding experience. The wide scope of its program, offering full coverage of the CFA® (levels I and II) program and beyond, is the strongest aspect of the course, in my view. The combination of the prestigious MIF faculty, professors from some of the world's leading schools, and key personalities from the financial industry results in dynamic and exciting classes. As an equity analyst, the MIF proved very useful to me, covering a vast range of topics in finance that are extremely useful in my day-to-day working life. The MIF was certainly one of my most enriching experiences in both professional and personal terms. 


Master in Finance (MIF)

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