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Once your MIF Program is successfully completed, you have the option to top it up with the official Masters title (“MESTRADO”), by completing one more curricular unit and, writing, submitting and defending a thesis.

You will be asked to test yourself by becoming a true master in a specific topic in Finance, spending some time on your own researching and developing original thoughts that will challenge the state of the art of financial science. This is a task that can only be done on an individual level under the supervision of our academic faculty responsible for guiding you through the process of writing your thesis, by helping you with aspects such as formulating research questions, suggested reading and analyzing data.

CATÓLICA-LISBON will offer Dissertation Seminars outlining specific topics in Finance which will support the Master in Finance participants in the completion of their thesis requirements.

The admission to the Master in Finance implies that the student fulfills the following requirement: having successfully completed the CATÓLICA-LISBON MIF program with a final weighted average equal or above to 15,00/20,00.

It is not compulsory to proceed your studies and writing a thesis, however that can be a plus in your future. A thesis will get you to the edge and beyond!


Master in Finance (Admissions Office)

Cátia Fernandes Vaz 
(+351) 214 269 864


Gonçalo Pedro Nunes

Acquisition Finance, Espírito Santo Investment
Master in Finance
"It is the only Master's program in Portugal that imparts thorough preparation for this international certification while providing up-to-date, high-quality preparation in finance."