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Cristina Teixeira

Diretora RH, HIQ Consulting
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

Participating in the Advanced Program in Human Resources was a very enriching experience. It was undoubtedly an added value and a great contribution to the challenge that is today the management of people, not only for the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, new skills but also for the networking. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire faculty.

Elsa Maria Dinis

Human Capital Consulting Services Manager, PwC
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

My participation in the Advanced Program in Human Resources was an interesting opportunity to revisit and consolidate concepts associated with the management of human capital, as well as to share new ideas and experiences on the daily life of these subjects with colleagues from different companies and sectors of activity. The excellence of the teaching staff and the focus on the state of the art topics enriched the learning and brought added value contributions to the performance of my duties, both as a consultant and as a team manager.

João Gomes

Administrative and Financial Director
Lidl & Cia
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

Having some professional responsibilities in the human resources area, namely in the recruitment and training of employees area and having an academic background in a slightly different area, I understood that I had to acquire skills in human resources. I looked for and found the Advanced Program in Human Resources, which initially raised me some doubts... but I'm glad I decided to attend, because of the all the executive programs I've attended, it was the one that gave me the most joy. The teachers are excellent and provides us the knowledge and experiences in a very understanding and playful way. I loved this program and I recommend it to all human resources professionals and to everyone who wants to develop and acquire more knowledge.

Madalena Pestana

Human Resources Manager, Jerónimo Martins
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

I participated in the 21st edition of the Advanced Program in Human Resources, following an internal mobility process. Since I was not from the Human Resources area, I found in the program all the essential characteristics to accelerate my adaptation process, as well as content about all the areas of intervention of a Human Resources manager. I also underline the excellence and dedication of the teaching staff, whose sharing and experience were fundamental for the assimilation of themes studied.

Pedro Soares de Carvalho

Training Manager
Nestlé Portugal S.A.
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

This program allowed me not only to consolidate the knowledge and skills needed for the daily management of human resources, but also the acquisition of new tools and concepts extended to other areas of business, mainly operational, giving me an overview of the value creation process added in the business world. This view, focused on the optimization and enhancement of the participation and accountability of people in everyday corporate life, is evermore more important due to the turbulent times and the current economic situation. My thanks to all teaching staff and support structure by the quality of support provided. This is definitely a “do not miss” program.

Sofia Baião

Director of Finance and Administration
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

When I finished my degree in Management at this School, soon I realized that the knowledge I gained made determined my entry and made it a lot easier into the ever so demanding labor market. Ten years later, I understood that attending PARH was interesting and very useful. Actually it allowed me to develop knowledge, acquired in the meanwhile, consolidating concepts and contacting the trends and transformation of the environment and the importance of human resources in the management of different business activities.

Vanda Brito

Human Resources Manager
Kelly Services
Programa Avançado em Gestão de Recursos Humanos

Attending the Advanced Program in Human Resources gave me the opportunity to deepen and debate with all the participants, students and teachers, the current state of Human Resources. By strongly encouraging networking among all participants, the Advanced Program in Human Resources has also enabled me to get acquainted with the realities and contexts of other colleagues and, together with the content addressed, to develop additional skills in my own reality.



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