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Training for staff of a company who share the same need for training or a common behavioral goal.

Business Partners

Joint training programs for customers, suppliers, distributors and franchisees that aim to raise the level of management skills of those involved, also promoting the further development of partnership relations.

In recent years projects for companies aimed to their business partners such as customers, suppliers, distributors and franchisees, have emerged with great success seeking to raise the level of management skills of those involved and also strengthening relationships.

Especially accentuated examples are developed with pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Novartis and BIAL for doctors and other health professionals, with MERCEDES and PEUGEOT for owners and general car dealers directors, with DELTA CAFÉS for agents and distributors, with MCDONALD'S for restaurant managers.

Corporate Universities

CATÓLICA-LISBON has extensive experience in designing integrated training projects, aimed to accompany a professional throughout his career, reinforcing at various stages the necessary skills to perform well.

As a leading school in Portugal in the Executive Training, the CATÓLICA-LISBON has the experience, the quality and the right skills to meet the ambitious projects and a long-term vision, which aim to ensure a human structure capable of meeting the future challenges of the organization.

In this context, we are partners of the most relevant and structured staff training projects in Portugal, namely Galp Academy, SONAE Management and Leadership Academy, Active School of MOTA-ENGIL, Jerónimo Martins University Leadership Academy, NOS Campus and Novo Banco Corporate University.















Executive Education - Custom Programs

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