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1h Program Opening
3,5h Digital Transformation: Introduction
3,5h Boostrapping Digital Transformation
7h Design Thinking
7h Business Models and Digital Platforms
3,5h Digital Transformation: Frameworks
3,5h Big Data
3,5h Workshop Microsoft Analytics

Guest Speakers

7h Digital Strategies
3,5h Digital Transformation: Aplicação Prática, Town Hall
3,5h Seminar: Concrete Cases of Digital Transformation in Portugal

Guest Speakers

7h Marketing Digital
3,5h Digital Transformation: Practical Application, Generating Solutions
7h Communicating Change in Ways that Motivate Employees
3,5h Perspectives on Emerging Technologies

Guest Speakers

4h Final Groupwork Presentations


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 215 906 007


Alexandra Portugal

Gestora Departamento Digital
Sistemas McDonald's Portugal
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital
"Also to be stressed is the team spirit which developed between trainers and trainees, the sharing of different experiences and stages of maturity of the organizations in this new era, which contributed to render the training even more useful and relevant to present day professional challenges we are all experiencing. "