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Ana Maçarico

Loyalty Specialist - Marketing
BP Comércio de Combustiveis, S.A.
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

The Commercial and Sales Management Program of CATÓLICA LISBON was, without a doubt, a very enriching experience, with very useful and diverse content. Contents which were transversal to all companies, focused in the current reality and most importantly in a future perspective, as a result of the need to prepare for the coming future, both as professionals as well as companies. It is composed of highly qualified faculty members. A group of participants from different areas, professions and experiences, which was also extremely positive and that fostered learning. I recommend this program to whoever wants to acquire/consolidate their commercial/business knowledge.

António Ricardo

Subdiretor Área de Gestão Comercial do Departamento de Jogos
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

Very well structured, addressing the most relevant areas and with a strong focus on the most nuclear aspects of sales. An encyclopedia of "live" knowledge, good practices, experiences and sharing, with very good transmitters that have a very rich and diverse professional experience. Even for the most experienced in sales, the program brings novelties, consolidates and structures knowledge and helps us to reinforce focus and/or reorient sales strategies.

Cristina Pita

Diretora Comercial
Guestcentric, S.A.
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

The PGV program was my first experience at CATÓLICA LISBON’s Executive Education. I highlight the quality and availability of the faculty members. Their connection to companies and to the business world allows them to go beyond the theory, and incorporate an important practical section. The structure of the program is focused on the trade challenges companies currently face, and the participation of fellow participants, from different sectors, enables seeing the challenges from a different perspective, which greatly enriches the program. It was an excellent choice. I recommend it!

Hugo Ramos

Diretor Nacional de Vendas
Alliance Healthcare
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

With a very well structured and complete curriculum, CATÓLICA-LISBON's Commercial and Sales Management Program was extremely useful, the richness of the programmatic contents, the high quality of the teaching staff and organization of the program. It was undoubtedly an enriching experience at various levels, where it was possible to combine completely the theoretic component with the practical challenges of day-to-day work, particularly in the management of commercial teams, clearly exceeding my initial expectations.

João Pedro Torres

Strategic Planning Manager
Programa de Gestão de Vendas

I found in PGV a distinct program with a focus on the commercial function, but with useful and transversal teachings to the entire business world, even for professionals outside the area. A value proposition based on the timeliness and relevance of the topics addressed, in a classroom with truly diverse profiles and experiences, with access to a wide range of relevant academic and business professors. All at the world's leading Executive Education School.

Leonel Gaspar

Direção de Coordenação Empresas Sul
Banco Santader Totta, S.A.
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

Attending the Commercial and Sales Management Program, on its 1st edition, was rather rewarding for me. From the program structure, particularly adapted to the real world and the needs of the staff of commercial area, to the qualified and expert teaching staff as well as all the logistic and the course organization, the whole initiative was, in my regard, very positive. I would like to emphasize the way all themes were handled, taking into account the current social and economic context in which the companies strive and their new challenges. It was also important the integration and relevance given to the market new trends and consumer behavior. The dynamic and constant search for participants' interaction was also significant. For all these reasons, I believe that the PGV program is a reference for those wishing to develop and acquire new insights in the Commercial Area.

Marta Monteiro

Sales and Business development Retail
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Programa de Gestão de Vendas

For several times in our lives we need to sell, but we don’t always realize this. The PGV confirmed this reality and helped me to look at this area in a more serious and structured way. We know we have to sell more but not always how and to whom. In a very practical and realistic way were discussed crucial issues in this area that have enriched me a lot. The PGV also allowed me to enrich my network, share experiences with people from different areas with different market visions. I highly recommend the program because selling more and better it’s something you can learn!

Miguel Henriques

Business Develop Manager
Xpand IT
Gestão Comercial e de Vendas (PGV)

Tenha-se muita ou pouca experiência na área comercial, o PGV é uma excelente oportunidade para aprender novos conceitos e consolidar conhecimentos com a ajuda de um excelente corpo docente. O ambiente é descontraído e de proximidade aos alunos, o que proporciona condições ideais para reter mais informação e fomentar relações.
Senti-me incentivado pelos docentes em aprofundar temas que me interessavam particularmente, fosse através da partilha de conteúdo ou sugestões de livros.
É um curso que tem em conta a realidade atual, como a evolução da área comercial no mundo digital ou o comportamento atual dos clientes.

Miguel Morgado

Corporate Sales Key Account Manager
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

PGV at CATÓLICA-LISBON was undoubtedly a mind changing program that allowed me to acquire and deepen key knowledges and value creators in sales and marketing fields. Fields of strategy, team management, sales management metrics and digital marketing were crucial and exceeded all my expectation of content quality and the way the faculty were able to share their knowledge. The networking provided by the program was also of great relevance.

Globally it was a very well structured program, that marked my academical and professional carrer. Exceeded the best expectations and reveals that Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics is definitely among the best Business Schools in the world.

Nuno Amaral

Diretor de Vendas
De Heus Nutrição Animal
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

After 17 years of experience in sales management, participating in this program was the right choice, as it enabled me to review, deepen and learn new concepts regarding sales and commercial management. It was a thorough program that provided tools that I’ve started using and that have had a positive impact in my role and in my professional growth. Participating in this program allowed me to be part of a diverse group, where an interesting sharing of experiences occurred throughout the different modules. It was an enriching experience both at the personal and professional levels, which I recommend to all those who are interested in, or work in the fascinating world of sales.

Paula Carvalho

Business Unit Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

Overcoming is the slogan of our times, daily evoked and today very present in the pharmaceutical market. Since we cannot overcome difficulties only with words, we need all the tools, as well as a set of ideas and guiding principles to overcome challenges. The PGV was a very interesting and motivating experience that allowed me to know other realities through the sharing of ideas with colleagues from other business areas but mostly by experience and knowledge transmitted by different trainers. It's a program that I recommend for the knowledge we acquire through a scrupulously chosen panel of teachers and also, but not least, for the prestige of the institution that organizes it.

Ricardo Martins

Commercial Manager B2B, Nespresso Portugal
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

The participation in the 4th edition of the Commercial and Sales Management Program was quite satisfactory. Either by the contact with topics that I haven't review for a while or by the discovery of new approaches, the training is adequate and adjusted to professionals in the B2C or B2B areas, allowing to discover even better one of the areas that we might ignore the most in our carrers.

The technical approach on some topics, as in the case of Sales Management Metrics, is delivered in a very simple and efficient way, being very well balanced with other topics of human behavioral, like the excelent example of Persuasion Techniques in Sales.

Sara Raposo Gomes

Automotive Sales Consultant
Programa de Gestão Comercial e de Vendas

It was a privilege to participate in the PGV, over and above the quality of the contents in the program, I had the opportunity to learn from a faculty of excellence and to meet fellow participants from other business areas, that encouraged an out of the box line of thought. It is a thorough program, well-organized, well-structured and aligned with reality, essential to the sales activity and across all sectors of activity. A group of themes and essential contents to the commercial activities were for example: sales management metrics, digital marketing, customer value creation, team management, and commercial/sales strategies. It was an enriching and motivating experience in my academic and professional journey.

Vasco Cândido

Diretor Comercial
Prats Lusitânia, S.A
Gestão Comercial e de Vendas (PGV)

Foi um privilégio participar do 12º PGV.
Deste programa, realço toda a estrutura do curso iminentemente prática, a excelência do corpo docente e a pertinência dos temas abordados.
A capacidade dos formadores em transmitir os conhecimentos, a actualidade e o interesse dos assuntos trabalhados foram absolutamente diferenciadores.
A UCP soube garantir toda a segurança e conforto, num momento particularmente difícil, em pleno confinamento, adaptando todos os meios tecnológicos necessários para que as aulas, quer presenciais, quer remotas, decorressem com total normalidade.
Recomendo vivamente.


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