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Main Features

  • Program content completely adjusted to the reality of the company;
  • Adequate methodology to the challenges in question;
  • Examples, exercises and real cases that foster the acquisition of knowledge;
  • Total schedule flexibility, time and venue;
  • A training designed according to the time constraints and budget of participants and the organization;
  • Monitor the process of internationalization of organizations, conducting training in any geographical point;


  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams and the competitivity of the company, envolving collaborators in changing processes and in the operational goals;
  • Reinforcing technical and strategic competences, broadening horizons;
  • Reflect, share and debate internal topics to the organization;
  • Providing access to a set of international best practices;
  • Align the participants with the organization's strategy;
  • Foster creativity , entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • A lower investment per participant than a registration fee in an equivalent open program.


Executive Education - Custom Programs

Joana Lopes Moreira
Phone: (+351) 214 269 779
​Skype name: executivos.clsbe