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Methodology and Evaluation Criteria
To consolidate learning, a Methodology of Individual and Group Evaluation is proposed, supported on Case Studies and a Final Project, based on a pedagogical grid useful for the individual performance of the student in his/her Health Organization.

The transversal evaluation criteria are:
  • Key Competence Learning Assessment;
  • Integrated Understanding Assessment through Case Resolution;
  • Evidence of learning by the use of tools and knowledge in the modules.

From Strategy to Health Operations

7h Healthcare Management: 21st Century Challenges
7h Healthcare Economics
7h Healthcare Economics and Policies
7h Health Financing
4h International Health
3,5h Doctors as Managers
4h International Health
3,5h Organizational Development
- Evaluation

Develop: Efficiency and Effectiveness in Health

7h Accounting and Financial Analysis
7h Investment Analysis
7h Performance Evaluation
- Evaluation

Optimize and Innovate Health Care Delivery

7h Digital Health
7h Leadership
7h Teamwork
7h Communication and Negotiation
- Evaluation

Health International Development

3,5h Compared Health Systems

Carlos Hiran Goes de Souza

3,5h Quality in Health

Carlos Hiran Goes de Souza

14h Master Class: Health XXI

Ricardo Leite / Rui Raposo / Ana Rita Bessa / António Vaz Carneiro

3,5h Master Class: Innovation and Integration of Care
3,5h Master Class VI: Health XXI | Course Design
3,5h Course Design


Executive Education - Open Programs

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