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"Data Science is transforming how managers make decisions in every industry. It will be essential for tomorrow’s business leaders to learn the language of technologists in order to translate data driven results to action. Developing true data science expertise can only happen through focused hands on experience with very large data and access to real-world problems. The role of the data scientist requires both hard and soft skills - the ability to crunch numbers with the best algorithms, stats and experiments while being able to ask the right questions and communicate results to senior leadership."

Shawndra Hill
Microsoft Research NYC, Senior Researcher

"In a world that increasingly depends on large-scale data analysis capabilities, the development of skills in Big Data is essential to the success of any data scientist, data analyst or executive who wants to be ready to face one of the most critical needs of any company. I congratulate CATÓLICA-LISBON for the strategic ability to frame their education with genuinely relevant topics of our

Vasco Pedro
Unbabel, Founder and CEO


Executive Education - Open Programs

Mafalda Gato
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