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Adélia Borges

HR Group Support Manager
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

With more and more requests from consumers and with limited resources, negotiation is done every day when we have to decide what resources, human and material, we assign to each comparative test, every new communication and every defensive action of consumers. The Specialization Program in Negotiation is an excellent opportunity to learn the latest theories of negotiation in very practical sessions where the dynamics of the exercises and the excellence of Prof. João Matos make learning a pleasure and a capital gain that consciously we can use in our day to day to fully perform our mission.

Adolfo Silva

Brose Sistemas de Fechaduras para Automóveis Unipessoal Lda
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The participation in this program was a worthwhile investment by the added value that it brings to the big negotiations, but also to the multitude of small negotiating acts that happen in our day to day lives. The content and form of the program, combined with the excellence in which it is given, make it an asset for anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their performance.

António Faria Fernandes

Diretor, Square Asset Management
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Negotiation has been present in my entire professional career, in all companies that I've worked for, and in all positions that I have occupied. It has been, therefore, a key aspect in my professional training that I treat always with great attention. The participation in this program had to make part of my professional path. The way it was structured, showing the high technical qualification of its coordinator, Prof. João Matos, coupled with his motivational and human qualities, made Negotiation 7 an absolutely fundamental tool to improve my professional skills, confirming the quality that we expect in CATÓLICA-LISBON's programs.

António Rosado

Dequattro Resorts & Residences SA
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The Specialization Program in Negotiation came to answer many of my questions about negotiation, and give me tools to negotiate better and provide me formulas to achieve and improve results. Over several sessions that were always very dynamic, we were transported through practical exercises for various scenarios that require us to think "outside the box" and find winning solutions. The possibility of seeing the "other side" was one of the experiences that most affected me positively. Totally recommended!

Artur Mimoso

CA Vogel
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The Specialization Negotiating Program had enabled to strengthen my communication and human resources skills and improve my ability to respond to diverse situations of daily negotiation, whether in conflict management or goods and services acquisition and sale.

Being complete and transversal, this program becomes very stimulating, mainly due to teachers and participants constant knowledge and experiences sharing moments. This program is extraordinarily practical, useful and dynamic, and has the quality and rigor with which CATÓLICA-LISBON got us used to. Without a doubt, this program added a lot of value and it means a competitive advantage for the future!

Carla Carlos

Sales Executive
TAAG Angola Airlines
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Ao longo da minha vida profissional tenho procurado manter-me formada e atualizada, recorrendo sempre às melhores Fontes e Instituições. Desta vez, foi a minha empresa que me convidou a inscrever no PEN da Católica-Lisbon. Sempre ambicionei ter uma experiência académica na Católica, e esta foi a oportunidade!  Foi muito gratificante verificar que a experiência superou as expectativas quer pelos conteúdos, quer pelo docente quer pelos colegas. A possibilidade de alargar não apenas conhecimentos, mas também poder partilhar experiências, desenvolver networking, faz com que o programa seja uma grande mais valia. Os conhecimentos adquiridos ajudaram-me a formar uma visão mais abrangente dos desafios que hoje se colocam no mundo da negociação.

Carlos Pereira

Procurement Manager
NOWO Communications
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The whole/entire experience is extremely positive; from the moment we register in the program to its completion. Program strongly focused on the practical part, but based in detailed theory clearly addressed. Its structure, even though it’s a short program, allows for the consolidation of knowledge through both “pre-reading” activities as well as highly challenging group activities. At the end, our negotiation perspective will forever be changed, making us rethink and adjust our future negotiations, using the best methods and best practices.

Eduardo Caria

CIO e membro do Conselho Executivo
AGEAS Seguros
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The Specialization Program in Negotiation is an essential tool for any manager, consistently exposed to daily negotiation situations, both internal and external. The structure of the program, the mastery and the extremely practical approach by the teachers provided an excellent experience that takes us out of our comfort zone and promotes rapid learning through the constant challenges of role-playing. The diversity and multidisciplinary of the participants were other factors that I valued and contributed to making the program even more stimulating.

Fernando Gonçalves

Diretor de Sistemas de Informação e Telecomunicações, Grupo Nabeiro - Delta Cafés
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Specialization Program in Negotiation of CATÓLICA-LISBON was, without question, a unique experience. The clarity and content quality, the knowledge and enthusiasm of Prof. João Matos, the heterogeneity and dedication of my colleagues and the professionalism of the organization revealed a combination of excellence that make this Program a reference. Beyond the presentation of the negotiation theoretical foundations, the adopted methodology privileges practical cases and interpretation of papers, making the internalization of the presented topics and aplication in most diversed daily situations easier.

João Barroca

General Manager
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Improve negotiation skills translates into an added value for personal success and business success. I had the opportunity to participate on several occasions in actions of "negotiation training" in CATÓLICA-LISBON, directed by Prof. João Matos. For his huge experience in this field, Prof. João Matos can address in a clear and simple manner the various elements and the various stages of a negotiation process, always with a great interaction with the participants. Introducing several "practical exercises" throughout the program, which allow a better understanding and learning of different techniques, trading courses led by Prof. João Matos are a great asset for those seeking a better understanding of the negotiation process.

João Gonçalves Pereira

Assembleia da República
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The participation in this program is an important tool for creating personal value. The mainstreaming of the material, the timeliness of the information presented and the ongoing dynamism of Prof. João Matos classes, reflect the standard of excellence of Executive Education of the CATÓLICA-LISBON, namely the Specialization Program in Negotiation. The technical and trading concepts that are presented in class, provide operational tools essential for the success of our daily lives. The investment made in this program gave me an unforgettable profitability!

Joel Silva

Head of Internal Audit
Banco BAI Europa, SA
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Aiming to improve the soft skills, I believe that the investment made in the Specialization Program in Negotiation is essential to be successful in both professional and personal lives. On the one hand, it contributes to raise awareness and to change behaviours within the work teams, combined with the strategies of value creation in a negotiation. On the other hand, the methodology, knowledge, clarity and simplicity of the training sessions, so well taught by Prof. João Matos, motivates/encourages us to (have) a more responsible attitude, better leadership and fruitful results.

Manuel Castelo-Branco

Procurement Manager
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The Specialization Program in Negotiation (PEN 16), allowed me not only to share experiences and knowledge with the Professor, but most importantly, with other participants who came from very different areas. It allowed me to broaden my contact network (networking), which in this area is of the upmost importance, but above all, it enabled me to update my knowledge, review and to be on par with the current best practices, across the most diverse situations that a Procurement Officer encounters on a daily basis. Without a doubt, I recommend PEN to anyone who wishes to evolve/improve their skills, as this program allows us to broaden our horizons, as well as help us make decisions in a more rational and conscious way, even in hard negotiations and/or in an adverse environment.

Marta Marques

Responsável Inovação Corporativa
AdP Serviços
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Participating in PEN was a very enriching experience. Prof. João Matos is an excellent communicator and his vast knowledge in negotiation allows for content creation, rich in examples and practical cases. Additionally, the structure of the course, that reconciles theory with practical exercises, allows the consolidation of concepts and their application in (near) real context. But, what was most satisfactory within the program, was that it was based in value creation for all participating parts, a principle I consider fundamental to establishing long term relationships based on trust.

Nuno Sanches Osório

Administrador CP
Comboios de Portugal, EPE
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Excellent. The Specialization Program in Negotiation of CATÓLICA-LISBON, brilliantly directed by Professor João Matos, allows us to reach higher levels, both in professional negotiations and in the management of everyday personal relationships. With a dynamic and a set of practical cases that are the best in the level of specialization programs, it helps us to codify the techniques we have already used and, above all, gives us tools to face the most difficult challenges with all naturalness. Of high added value, it is a compulsory attendance program that gives results from the very first day.

Ricardo Teixeira

Diretor Financeiro
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

The Specialization Program in Negotiation is the right choice for those who want to improve their bargaining power. The structure and the content of the program, together with its methodology through role plays and sharing of experiences, allowed me to increase my knowledge in this area and provided me the best tools and techniques to address the emerging challenges in a business environment that is becoming more demanding.

Rui Miguel Nabeiro

Delta Cafés
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

This advanced negotiation course is positioned at a maximum level of quality due to the methodologies used and the innovative syllabus it integrates. The participation in the Specialization Program in Negotiation, allows us, with the extraordinary and highly qualified help from Professor João Matos, not only to deepen and renew all the knowledge we already have in this area, but also to get to know all the new instruments used in negotiation and get the necessary qualities so that we can be more successful in our day to day lives as people and professionals.

Vítor Nunes

Diretor de Serviço
Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca
Programa de Especialização em Negociação

Those who understand that their conduct must be guided constantly by one’s personal demand for a responsible attitude, entrepreneurial capacity and above all an effective, motivating and participative leadership in the change that today’s world imposes, one can find in the Specialization Program in Negotiation the answer, information, support and appropriate training. Over the weeks we find in each "case study" a planning that prepares us for the difficulties of everyday life. Throughout the program we are confronted with cases of increasing complexity, some of them critical, of which the resolution will need to appeal to a multitude of resources. With a stimulating coordination and adequate bibliography, this program will naturally be part of the training of those who wish to contribute to the success of an organization and believe that negotiation is essentially creating sustainable and lasting bridges.


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