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Block I: Creating Value for the Client: Knowing, Measuring and Managing

1h Program Opening
7h Consumer Behaviour and Targeting: Opportunities and Challenges
14h Market Analysis to Marketing Plan
3,5h Knowing the Market for Decision Making *
3,5h Ethnography in Marketing: new segmentation trends
3,5h Brand Management
3,5h B2B Marketing: Customer Management and Opportunities
3,5h Evaluation Module - Simulation of Marketing

Block II: Integrated Communication Management: from strategy to execution

3,5h Neuromarketing: optimization of company-client interaction
3,5h Marketing Communication: The Strategic Vision
3,5h Below the Line Communication: Trade Marketing
3,5h Brand Activation at the point of sale
3,5h Managing Customer Relationships
3,5h Campaign Management: Design & Creativity

Block III: Live marketing - Contact with market practices

3,5h Evaluation Module - Communication Management Practices
6h Field Experience: living the business reality
3,5h Coaching 1 - Final Project | Milestone 1

Block IV: New Digital Marketing Challenges and Tools

3,5h Mobile Marketing & Social Media
3,5h E-commerce: Opportunities and Challenges
7h Digital Marketing Practices: Tools for Decision Making


Block V: Supply Management and Differentiation

7h Marketing of Services: Quality and Customer Relations
10,5h Commercial and Marketing Metrics
3,5h Coaching 2 - Final Project | Milestone 2
3,5h Management of Commercial Teams
3,5h Distribution Channels Management
3,5h Product Portfolio Management
3,5h Hands-on Project: Social Cause
3,5h Marketing and the Economical Cycles: New Challenges
3,5h Delivery and Presentation of the Course Project


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