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Artificial Intelligence in Business


Executive Education - Open Programs

Mafalda Gato
Tel: (+351) 215 906 007

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2nd Edition: to be confirmed

Classes: Mondays, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Duration: 7 weeks | total of 20 hours



Program Description

Artificial Intelligence in Business was developed for managers and directors with responsibilities in decision-making, who want to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) on their companies and business; counting on the changes and the impact that could result in the competitiveness area.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are addressed as the big technological trends in the business world, which will bring digital acceleration to companies in the next 10 years. They enable to work big data and different processes, in a quicker, innovative and competitive way, in the most diverse industry sectors.

Throughout the program, the participants will have the opportunity to reach the algorithms, the statistical and computational tasks of these technologies, which will later result in strategical decision-making. The program explores AI solutions with a management view, but in an accessible way for all the participants.

The participants will learn how to work with an AI algorithm that is currently used in companies and what they allow, or not allow, to do. The program includes practical examples and real cases of how companies currently use this technology.

Advantages for businesses in implementing of AI technology:

Main Benefits


  • Understand the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in companies and its connection to the techniques of Machine Learning (ML);
  • Understand the operation, potential and boundaries of AI and ML technologies;
  • Promote the organization’s digital acceleration using AI and ML;
  • Reassure the connection between the business and AI and ML, to add value and get long-term competitiveness;
  • Explore real cases of adopting AI and ML in the organizations;
  • Figure out the needed resources for an AI and ML implementation to succeed in the organizations;
  • Predict strategies and challenges and mitigate operational risks resulting from AI and ML implementation in the organization.



Throughout the program, it will be explored the characteristics of the technology, its performance and its capabilities and limits.