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Mentoring Program

Leaders who help form a new generation of leaders.

The CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business & Economics Mentoring Program founded in 2007, is a unique and innovative project for student's personal and career development through the contact with a former student of our school.

Our Alumni have a strong relationship with CATÓLICA-LISBON, cooperating, in many ways, to the school’s development and maintenance of its values. It is within this spirit that Alumni participate in the Mentoring Program and contribute to creating a new generation of leaders. The mentoring relationship is based on trust.

Our Alumni, who are leading and working in many Portuguese and International companies in Portugal and abroad, are available to mentor either Portuguese or international students.

The Mentoring Program is open to all undergraduate and master students who are currently enrolled in the program.


How does The Mentoring Program work?

Each student enrolled in the Program will be assigned a Mentor, an Alumnus of CATÓLICA-LISBON. The students will have the opportunity to discuss their academic progress and career perspectives with their Mentor, benefiting from his/her knowledge and expertise, as well as, from the Mentor's professional network.

The mentoring relationship is based on trust and personal knowledge. In this relationship, one experienced individual (the Mentor) helps another (the Mentee) through orientation and counseling regarding his/her personal and professional development.

The Mentoring Program consists in scheduling two to three annual meetings with the Mentor and maintaining contact (i.e. email and/or phone) throughout the year.

At the beginning of the academic year, the school will organize workshops for both Mentors and Mentees explaining how the program works.

How to Apply


Start your application by choosing one of the following:

International Undergraduate Programs Licenciaturas

Deadline for online application: September 30th

  • Online application: you may fill in the application as soon as you are enrolled in the program;
  • Confirmation of admission in the Program and results of the Mentor/ Mentee matching process: applicants will be contacted by email during october;

 For further information please contact Mentoring Program Alumni Relations Office.