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Duarte Meirelles

Diretor Relações com Investidores e Responsabilidade Social
José de Mello
Responsible Business: Próxima Fonte de Vantagem Competitiva

The success of companies in the present and in the future will only be ensured by those who take environmental, social, economic and ethical concerns as their (own) purpose, with an integrated perspective of all the stakeholders. It was through the “Responsible Business: Next Source of Competitive Advantage” program that I deepened (my knowledge in) this theme, not only through the excellent faculty, but also through the sharing among fellow participants who had different business backgrounds. It was a very intensive time, due to the themes’ richness that motivated a contagious enthusiasm among the work teams. I highly recommend attending this program. Congratulations to CATÓLICA-LISBON for this initiative.

João Campos

Técnico Superior
Responsible Business: Próxima Fonte de Vantagem Competitiva

Society’s growing environment and social concerns leads to companies increasingly incorporating sustainability in their business strategy. The Responsible Business program addresses corporate social responsibility – environmental, social, economic and governance – stimulating discussion and participation among the participants regarding these themes. The Faculty of excellence and the group of participants, each with different backgrounds, contributed in a decisive way towards enriching the sessions. I recommend it to all those who wish to adopt a responsible business management model.

Luísa Manso

Head of Business Development
Responsible Business: Próxima Fonte de Vantagem Competitiva

Participating in the 1st edition of the Responsible Business program was a very personal learning experience that deeply changed the way I see the role of companies and the role each one of us plays in society. Learning how to fulfil the increasingly demanding expectations of those around us, and continuously doing so means we need to know exactly what our values are and what is the underlying goal of each action we take. This is my definition of sustainability. Without this strategic vision, no company will ever be able to reach its maximum potential. Thank you.


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