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André Ferreira

Tax Consultant (International Tax Services)
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

O Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional da Universidade Católica Portuguesa provou ser um curso de grande utilidade e interesse para os profissionais que procuram aprofundar os seus conhecimentos em matérias de tributação no actual contexto de internacionalização das empresas. Este curso executivo de tributação internacional permitiu, no decorrer do seu programa, partilhar as diversas experiências profissionais dos seus participantes com um corpo docente de grande qualidade e com grande experiência, abordando os temas mais desafiantes e as tendências futuras da tributação num contexto global. É uma experiência muito enriquecedora que permite potenciar as capacidades na resolução dos casos mais complexos, ao nível da tributação internacional, constituindo uma mais-valia indispensável na carreira dos profissionais que lidam diariamente com estas matérias.

António Monzelo

Revisor Oficial de Contas
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

The prestigious Universidade Católica has exceptional courses, outstanding professors and values worthy of deep respect. I concluded the International Taxation Program, a program of excellence, very well achieved, taught by Portuguese and Foreigners of great merit and made me realize how much I had to learn... and where I learned a lot. I realized how outdated I was. The evolution in the area of International Taxation has been enormous. The updating of knowledge must therefore be permanent.

Daniela Geraldes

Consultora Fiscal
Banco Santander Totta
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

The International Taxation Program of the Portuguese Católica University is the kind of training that any professional related to taxes should attend.  This course covers the diverse scopes of International Taxation subjects, giving a global perspective about the impacts that may arise in the context of operations involving two or more jurisdictions.  To deepen knowledge in a practical and consistent way, this is the ideal program, because the best professionals in the field are the ones teaching the modules.  PFI is the ideal program to deepen knowledge in a practical and consistent way because the best professionals in this field are those teaching this program. This course attendance allows not only to reflect on nowadays international taxation issues but also to look at the new trends in taxation. It is without a doubt an experience that provides enormous moments of sharing and technical knowledge maturation, being a course of great professional enrichment.​​

João Paulo Marques

Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

In 2014 I attended the first International Taxation Program (PFI) developed by UCP. Not being my first experience at Católica, my expectations were very high,

and they were not defrauded. An excelent faculty with wisdom and accumulated practice, that proviedes an enthusiastic environment, with very interesting classes, where debating and sharing of experiences were widely encouraged.

In a more globalized economy, where taxation assumes a position more decisive in projects' decisions, this program, is undoubtedly a reference to consider.

João Safara

Administrador Financeiro
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

The PFI is certainly one of the best International Taxation Programs in Portugal. The program represented a rare opportunity to share realities, trends and challenges with the excellent group of professors, but also with a very interested and irreverent group from the intellectual point of view. It is a relevant program for those who in their day-to-day need to manage processes of internationalization of their companies.

Raquel Nobre

Tax Consultant
Ernst & Young, SA
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

The International Taxation Program provides students with a cross-sectional view on diverse subjects related to international taxation.  During the program, the sharing of experiences on students part, each mainly from a different tax area and already integrated into the labor market, is undoubtedly one of the main gains in this course.

Both the subjects taught and their teachers assured the excellence of this program, very hands-on and quite current above all, looking, of course, into the future trends. Without a doubt, this is an enriching program, taught by the best in their respective areas of expertise, which is, for sure, an added value, allowing students to look at taxation in the international context from another perspective.​

Rita Franco

Head of Accounting and Consolidation
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

The Specialization Course in International Taxation is a very well structured course, having teachers of excellence with recognized professional experience. This program was, without a doubt, essential to improve my technical qualifications in this field.​​ PFI is very hands-on and fully adapted to the current international requirements.​​

Rita Montalvão

Coordenadora RSA LP – Algarve
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional

Program taught by professors of the highest quality and excellence that transmit with great enthusiasm and encouragement the established program. The program allows us to expand the practical knowledge of international taxation and to overcome the lack of additional training in this area, which is increasingly necessary and required by clients, in the case of lawyers who work mainly in international trade and are involved in areas such as Corporate & Governance and Investment Projects and Vehicles. The environment is multidisciplinary, dynamic, relaxed and allows the exchange of know-how and experiences with colleagues, from the most varied professional branches, as well as with professors, who, in addition to their vast knowledge in the area of ​​International Taxation, who share this program with us, have always been available to enlighten us and help us at any time. Undoubtedly an added value, in terms of academic training, with practical repercussions on our professional life for the future. For me, it has been a tool that has proved very useful in my day-to-day work, not hesitating to recommend to all the professionals that deal with the trade and international operations. In addition, it has brought me a range of contacts in this area that allow me to be in continuous exchange of experiences and sharing of knowledge  and with that improve every day my knowledge and consequently the quality and professionalism of the services that I provide. I understand that the program should have consequences for those who have already attended the International Taxation Program, about which I now write, alongside the great movie box office successes (jokingly - PFI II - The Saga Continues, PFI III - Taxation Strikes Back), because it is always in constant change and very volatile, which is still little taught in Portugal and whose contents and materials are sometimes difficult to reach for many professionals who come to arms with the need to work in different fiscal spaces.


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