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Alfredo Pereira da Costa

Administrador, Fase - Estudos e Projectos, S.A.
Fase - Estudos e Projectos SA
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

The course surpassed my expectations owing to the pedagogical competence of Professor Ilídio Barreto, the innovative approach to the subjects under study and the relevance of the case studies.

Ana Nabais

Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

It was a great privilege to attend the Strategic Management and Value Creation Program (GE) of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. I learned how strategic decisions can create value and growth. The program was very exciting, allowing the study and discussion of "real-life" cases in the context of the classroom. Integrating GE has helped me to think deeply about how other companies have gone through different scenarios and how I could bring some of these good practices into my work. The excellence of teaching and the use of a simulator were, undoubtedly, the great differentiating variables of this unique Post-Graduation. I definitely recommend this postgraduate program to all professionals who aspire to valorize their skills.

Anthony Saunders

Former Chairman of the Finance Department of Stern Business School, New York University
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

This is a very unique course and extremely timely. As both European and World Markets get more competitive a key concern of corporate management is how to add value. This course, given by a leading expert in the field, builds on both practitioner knowledge and academic research to help managers develop an agenda for value creation.

Artur Lami

Vice Presidente, Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento I.P.
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

Attending Católica GE Program was one of the highest points of my postgraduate training. I always tried to have a strategic vision of business action, but the classes taught by Prof. Ilídio Barreto contributed greatly to a conceptual enlargement that a manager, without the specialized and deep training that has been transmitted to us, cannot even glimpse. On the other hand, the commitment and enthusiasm of Prof. Ilídio Barreto contributed to a passion for the subjects in question, from the very first lesson. I cannot forget also the management simulator. It is a very powerful software where a manager can err and verify immediately the mistakes made, here, without consequences. In addition, by making a mistake we can learn more. I can only strongly recommend the frequency of the GE Program to all professional managers.

Charles Baden-Fuller

Strategy Subject Leader, One of the 54 Fellows of Strategic Management Society*, Cass Business School City University (London)
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

I strongly recommend this programme. Professor Ilídio Barreto is a very well qualified course leader. Managers who take this course will find robust and useful frameworks, and find many practical and useful tools to help them in their work. 

*Distinção dada pela SMS aos académicos que mais contribuíram para a evolução da Estratégia.

Clara Braga de Costa

Administradora, Inovcapital
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

The objective of this course is to define strategies and implement them with a view to creating value in a sustained manner for our shareholders and that is precisely what it offered me, in an extremely well conceived combination of theory and practice (with excellent theoretical bases behind best practices). It was useful and enjoyable, a healthy interaction took place, where I even had the opportunity to create and cement new friendships. Definitely a "good investment". Congratulations and thank you.

David Moreira

Gestor de Performance e Desenvolvimento de Negócio
Galp Energia
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

This program was able to convey a pragmatic and positive view of strategic management. From the beginning, we are equipped with several management tools that help us analyze the best way to create and increase value. In addition, we face a well-established combination of theory and practice, providing sturdiness to the knowledge acquired. All this is possible due to the unique commitment and dynamism printed by Professor Ilídio Barreto, which makes this experience even more rewarding. I recommend the program not only for its usefulness and knowledge but also for the unique and motivating experience.

Filipe Granjo Paias

General Manager | Portugal
Baxter Médico Farmacêutica Lda.
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

A program of excellence, with unique contents and a diversified methodology, with orientation from the enthusiastic Professor Ilídio Barreto. All this makes the program a powerful and unique tool in value creation.

Hugo Ferreira

Export - Key Account Manager for the European Market
Jerónimo Martins – Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo, Lda.
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

Throughout the program, we went beyond the theory. It was a period full of current small cases in which the group, already interesting by itself, learned, discussed and shared their points of view, based on the different experiences of each one. The course creates a bridge between Strategic Management and Value Creation, and endogenous and external effects on organizations. Well structured, the program is interesting from day one.

Joana Loureiro

Management Development Diretor, Grupo Jerónimo Martins
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

The logic within Value Creation is undoubtedly one of the main subjects for the companies that want to ensure their success in a sustainable manner. The knowledge, enthusiasm, energy, and shrewd wit of Professor Ilídio Barreto should be shared with those who work in Management on a daily basis. I believe the Strategic Management and Value Creation program effectively contributes for the skills development of the participants, thus resulting into a return on real investment for the companies.

Luís Fonseca

Diretor de Vendas, Unilever Jerónimo Martins
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

O programa GE - Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor ministrado pelo Professor Ilídio Barreto é sem duvida nenhuma uma verdadeira "peça de arte" que qualquer profissional da área dos negócios deve ambicionar ter. Digo "peça de arte" pois cada curso é único e é dado com um nível de energia, entusiasmo e profissionalismo raramente visto. No programa são usados casos práticos que enquadram de forma soberba as várias matérias do programa, tornando assim matérias de alguma complexidade em matérias ao alcance de formandos com menor preparação em Gestão, Finanças ou Economia. O Professor Ilídio Barreto conseguiu ao longo do programa manter o nível de entusiasmo elevadíssimo junto do grupo e agitando sempre as consciências sobre temas mais fraturantes e abordando as matérias por ângulos que normalmente ficam esquecidos e dessa forma não permitem as tomadas de decisão estratégicas mais adequadas nas empresas. O simulador utilizado no curso é de alta qualidade pois permite de uma forma muito simples colocar em prática todos os ensinamentos que o programa proporciona ao mesmo tempo que dá possibilidade de treinar trabalho em equipa. Pessoalmente o programa foi-me muito útil pois além das matérias teóricas aprendidas ou relembradas permitiu-me fazer novas abordagens aos desafios mais estratégicos que me são colocados na minha atual função.

Manuel Figueiredo

Country Head AH
Bayer Portugal
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

Participating in the GE program was a way to "get out of the box" and have a more structured and not so emotional vision in the search for answers that I put daily, regarding the consequences that my options and decisions entail in the search for value creation in communities and Country where I live. In addition to remembering and learning concepts, I have a model that is well adapted to the day-to-day availability and a good way to enrich horizons with the interaction with other professionals and concerns of other sectors.

Mário Rui Gomes

INESC - Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

By participating in the Design Thinking for Business Innovation program, I acquired a very updated and coherent vision/perspective of the value of private companies as well as of public institutions, and how these should be managed. The high efficiency of the teaching method was attained not only by the quality of the curriculum/ theoretical contents, and the excellent simulator, but also by the contagious enthusiasm and scientific background of Prof. Ilídio Barreto, one of the best professors I have encountered in my professional life.

Paulo Herder

Managing Partner, Bravemind
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

It was a privilege to participate in the Strategic Management and Value Creation Program, where I was very interested in the topics covered and a wealth of opportunity to learn new skills with Prof. Ilídio Barreto. His scientific knowledge and total willingness to clarify details and create value for my skills has brought me a very rewarding experience, leading me to a deeper look into the continuity of this path, implanted in an increasingly competitive and constantly changing world. An encouragement to a vision of excellence and continuously distant.

Paulo Oliveira

CEO, Grupo BertrandCírculo
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

This program clearly exceeded the high expectations I placed on it. I think it is an indispensable course for executives who are concerned with the value creation process of their companies. Its practical component is downright innovative and effective.

Pedro Amorim

Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

The Strategic Management and Value Creation program stands out for the quality and actuality of the cases analyzed, accessible to different academic backgrounds and professional experiences. The great experience of Professor Ilídio Barreto, his energy, involvement in the theme and experience are a plus for the program. In conclusion, I have to highlight the "simulator", which creates a tremendous intensity in the way of applying the concepts acquired in a more practical way and which defers us to a decision-making process based on what is the creation of value for the shareholder, keeping always in mind the consumer trends, consumers, competitors and the market. The theme of value creation should be in the top of mind for managers.

Pedro Pedroso Rodrigues

Responsável de Planeamento e Controlo da Unidade de Gás Natural, Galp Energia
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

My experience in this course was extremely gratifying, not just at the level of the contents but also because Professor Ilídio Barreto is a teacher on par with the best professors I have seen in renowned international universities, such as the INSEAD.

Pedro Seabra

Presidente, CB Richard Ellis
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

In an ever changing world, managers need to focus on knowledge and information. This program, with an excellent teacher and the correct positioning, consolidates principles and opens new horizons, inducing us to think of decisions that create value, by means of carefully chosen case studies.

Rogério Malheiro

Business Unit Manager
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor

The Strategic Management Program and Value Creation is a program that not only contributes to consolidate knowledge or to refresh in personal training, above all it reflects a different and pragmatic look at what really matters in running a business focused on operating results. This could be seen as reductive , but it is not. The course demonstrates that the latest trends in Strategic Management are oriented to Create Value based on a strategy of improvement in operating results and particularly through the development of the Core Competences.

The high knowledge in Strategic Management together with the commitment and the dynamics shown by Professor Ilídio Barreto made ​​this course a unique course being useful and motivating from start to finish.


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