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Ana Nascimento

Consultora de DGR, PT Sistemas de Informação
Programa Geral de Gestão

PGG allowed me to have a first contact with the management area, providing me with tools that I can easily apply in my professional career. Apart from being rewarding, it is a program that enables us, by its flexibility, with an apprenticeship adapted to our needs and demands of our professional life.

Above all, it is a quality program through which we are able to acquire further knowledge in a structured and practical way.

Ana Simões

Market Training Specialist Iberia (Divisão Nespresso)
Nestlé Portugal, SA
Programa Geral de Gestão

With the PGG program, I definitely acquired a set of knowledge that I was looking for to develop in the Management, Marketing, and Finance areas.

The fact that it is a modular program allowed me to build the right study plan and, this way, I have made the most of my time. The wide experience and expertise of the teaching staff, the dynamic of the classes, and the synergy between professionals of several areas were a real asset.

In my regard, this program was an excellent investment for my future professional challenges!

Carlos Touret

Process Engineering, EMEF - Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário
Programa Geral de Gestão

On the one hand, I chose the PGG program due to the faculty's prestige and the quality of the subjects; on the other hand due to the fact that this program is targeted to the executives who are beginning their careers, whishing  to perform duties in future management area.

This program has largely exceeded my expectations, not only for the quality of teaching and excellent organization, but above all by the sharing of experiences among peers and teachers which has proven to be an asset on the acquisition of knowledge.

Clara Duarte

Clinical Research Associate
Programa Geral de Gestão

Combining the scientific and management areas was a real need for my career project. Working in the pharmaceutical industry made it crucial to consolidate management methods and fundamental to understand the company dynamics. With PGG I was able to reach those goals. The excellent supervision of the faculty and the interaction within the communication channels make PGG the right program for those who do not have a lot of free time to consolidate their academic education.

Dália Vicente

Coordenadora Comercial
FCC Logística Portugal, S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

The PGG program was a conscious e very pragmatic decision to make especially focused on Marketing. It is the ideal course for those, like myself, are connected to the commercial area and want to achieve practical insights and technical know-how. The initial purpose was absolutely accomplished and was connected to three variables of satisfaction: increasing and consolidating marketing knowledge; expanding horizons, and taking into account new solutions for usual questions, and also acquiring ways of acting in corporate Marketing. I became a fan and I will definitely come back.

Eurico Santana da Silva

Direção de Recuperação de Crédito
Millennium BCP
Programa Geral de Gestão

The Dislogo program was the best bet when I was looking towards complementing my curriculum with an economical training program, whilst being in a financial institution and coming from the area of linguistics and literature. The clarity with which the contents were transmitted, the quality and support, and most importantly the excellence of the faculty, were factors that contributed to gaining a rich experience, and which were directed towards those who are looking to adapt to the demands and new challenges of the modern day professional life.

Felicidade Graça Ramos

Responsável de Marketing e Comunicação
Altran Portugal S.G.P.S.
Programa Geral de Gestão

Nowadays, the consolidation and update of skills and competences is an essential factor to ensure our presence in an increasingly competitive professional market. As I work in Marketing, and since it was not my academic education, this program allowed me to acquire knowledge in the Management area which is important for my professional activity, and to complement my education. The excellent quality of the faculty, the curriculum, as well as the several real case studies discussed during the sessions, presented both by Professors and participants from different professional contexts and educational backgrounds, are, to me, the greatest differentiation factor of this program versus others that I have enrolled in the past. I end this year aware that I have improved my knowledge and am capable to reach my personal and professional goals.

Gilda Luís

Head of Communication & Brand Manager, TAP Portugal
Programa Geral de Gestão

The PGG program has been an experience of networking and new apprenticeships that surprises me to each new module and class. The relevant subjects helps us on a daily basis and, for those coming from different  business areas, it is a place where it is possible to acquire new tools and broaden existing knowledge.

Helena Neto

Marketeer de Programas Estratégicos
AXA Portugal
Programa Geral de Gestão

The added value of PGG is the integrated view that instils in those who need to learn the basics of management in their professional development, accompanied by the excellent quality of the faculty. Another very important fact is the sharing of experiences among participants from different backgrounds and professional contexts. I must also emphasize the fact that this is an internationally recognized teaching school for executives, which ensures a high quality training program.

Ivo Viegas

Gestor de Produção
Grazimac, Lda.
Programa Geral de Gestão

The modular and flexible structure of this program combined  with a two session methodology with assessment  allows to effectively combine the professional demands with a quality training.

I am much more prepared to deal with everyday challenges in my professional area. The acquired  knowledge and sharing experiences have enhanced my development and responsiveness on an increasingly dynamic marketplace. The acquired competences on PGG program are the key to success in an increasingly competitive business world.

João Cabaça

Key Account Manager
Ratiopharm, Lda.
Programa Geral de Gestão

The common question to us all will probably be: “what is the practical use of this program?” In my case, being part of the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company, and having management responsibilities, it has revealed to be a safe bet. Undoubtedly, the quality and professional experience of the Faculty as well as the credibility of this institution, are added values that allow us to go beyond learning the modules selected, and into an exchange of experiences and advice that are of great professional usefulness.

José Eduardo Barreiros

Account Receivable
Nestlé Portugal S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

By deciding to take CATÓLICA-LISBON’s PGG, I was conscious I was choosing the best qualification, not only by the presented curriculum, but also by the excellence of its Faculty. I am convinced that this program, given its contents/methodologies/resources and its interaction with colleagues from other companies, will be an added value towards achieving my personal and professional goals.

Liliana Rodrigues

Gestora de Clientes
Banco Santander Totta, SA
Programa Geral de Gestão

In an increasingly competitive and constantly changing labor market, it is imperative to update and increase knowledge and skills.

The main reason for having enrolled in the PGG program was to acquire know-how in the management area, thus completing my initial training.

Another important factor was the high-quality teaching staff on a first-rate program. This is absolutely an asset, mainly due to participants from different business areas, and by sharing experiences, it was possible to achieve the necessary skills to a better performance at both academic and professional levels.

Luís Gonzaga

Gestor de Clientes
Lactogal S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

At CATÓLICA-LISBON I was able to take advantage of the faculty quality, the modules lectured, the schedules and, naturally, a top school. The PGG is a pleasant surprise, both by the teaching method applied, but also by the areas covered in each module. A significantly improved way on how to “look” at companies and really understand how they operate, within an adequate context to the company/market/people. Not everything is what it seems! The PGG will most definitely help us further understand this difference.

Mafalda Castelo Branco

Coordenadora Recursos Humanos
Partex Services Portugal
Programa Geral de Gestão

It was an extraordinary experience! Not only for acquiring new capabilities, that are essential to Management, but also for the opportunity to work alongside / with people from very diverse backgrounds which enriched my experience in PGG.

Manuel Moniz Pereira

Coordenador do Dep. Informático
Gastão da Cunha Ferreira, Lda.
Programa Geral de Gestão

With a background in Engineering, and recently having accepted a new challenge on developing a small family business, especially in such a difficult and complicated time, the knowledge I have accomplished during this course was extremely important. We meet people from different business areas, in class, which enhance the strong theoretical component of the course with a great ambiance and networking spirit.

I strongly recommend this program!

Maria da Graça Francisco

Channel Assistant
Nestlé Portugal, S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

I acquired a wide range of Management skills that I apply in every sphere of my current professional activity. The exchange of acquired experiences, through the sharing of information with participants from other companies was also an added value. The b-learning allows for great flexibility in schedules, demanding however, self-motivation and discipline. The use of software was determinant to save time commuting, being a tool to work in groups through the resolution of exercises and cases online.

Mário Pimentel

Chefe de Zona de Vendas
Programa Geral de Gestão

Given the fact that I had no academic education in Management, namely Marketing, I decided to pursue a post-graduation in that area. I wanted a program that brought added value in terms of technical knowledge, but also enriched by professional curriculum, and so, I decided to participate in CATÓLICA-LISBON’s PGG. I believe I made the right choice, and I leave each session in the program with the feeling that I added something new to the knowledge I already had, and fully motivated to think about and develop projects.

Marta Santos

Consultora de Comunicação
Lift Consulting
Programa Geral de Gestão

The corporate communication requires a critical and close look from the professionals toward the market evolution, the imposed trends within and outside the companies, as a condition to develop suitable strategies that follow the success of business guidelines. In this regard, it is essential to be familiar with the language and good practices of management and marketing as well as its grounds.

This was the set of solid insights, with the potential to be further developed, that I acquired in the PGG program.

Marta Tavares

Account Manager, Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Programa Geral de Gestão

I felt the need to study more, to understand better the current paradigm in Management and Marketing, and also to develop the academic dimension of my career,  by joining in a program for executives.

"Recycling" knowledge is the common denominator for the professional progress and CATÓLICA-LISBON is the right place to do it so.

Mónica Cruz

Comercial e Marketing
Programa Geral de Gestão

With training in engineering and professional activity developed in this area, the need to get knowledge in management showed up with the challenge of being part of the Management Departement of the company. The prestige of Católica on Executive Education, allied to the total compability of PGG with a professional activity at full-time, were determinant to choose this program. The balance I make of PGG is very positive, emphasizing an amazing organization of the course, the quality of the faculty and the interest of the taught content in the different modules with a balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Mónica Rufino

Diretora de Recursos Humanos
Seur, Serviço Urgente de Transportes
Programa Geral de Gestão

As an HR manager, to have different skills in management is a requirement for my professional development, and to be up to date with the best practices and the “know-how” is a challenge I put myself through constantly. The choice of PGG was based on the excellent faculty, the ease with which they involve us in the surrounding reality, the case studies used in different sessions, the use of the curriculum and the ease of balancing the program with an intense professional activity. By the technical knowledge in management and acquired experience level, this program provides a set of tools, that, in my opinion, are key to lead with success any new professional challenges.

Nuno Constantino

Global Solution Manager
Nokia Siemens Networks
Programa Geral de Gestão

Balance is the predominant feature of this course with regard to: the expertise of the faculty among academia and industry; the pragmatic content of the course; the range of Management concepts and its implementation on practical cases; and the necessary effort of each participant to achieve good results. The fact that each module has an assessment allows us to reinforce assimilate knowledge during the term without compromising the professional demands of the participants.

Nuno Soares

Gestor BES 360º
Banco Espirito Santo S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

Nowadays, continuous education is essential! Participating in PGG allowed me to approach and deepen subjects that are important in my professional activity, as well as complement my education. Another important aspect is the quality and excellence of the faculty of CATÓLICA-LISBON, that contribute to enrich the knowledge and gain experience, as this program is aimed at those who want to adapt to the markets’ demands and to new challenges in their professional life.

Paula Simões

Finance Manager, IBM BTO Portugal
Programa Geral de Gestão

The specialization in Finance turned out to be worthwhile, both at the professional and personal levels, as it allowed me to update my knowledge and acquire new key skills in deploying my work, thanks to the high level faculty and also the quality in the group of participants, whose different education and professional experiences proved to be an added value.

Paulo Fachada

Responsável Comercial
Prismet, Quadros Elétricos, Lda.
Programa Geral de Gestão

As a staff member of a SME, I have experience at both technical and commercial levels. The opportunity to enroll in the PGG program with a specialization in Finance, either by the topics discussed, or by the quality and availability of the teaching staff, further improved my education. It also provided me with tools that will certainly be very helpful in my professional life. As expected, the high-quality of the faculty exceeded my expectations, and participating in this course was an excellent and self upgrade.

Ricardo Diniz

Sales Manager
BP Portugal S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

Where to invest my time in continuous education? This was the main question I asked myself whilst choosing a complementary training program to my academia education, which is Engineering. My choice was the General Management Program (PGG). It was evident the increase in my skills and capabilities. This program, through its teaching methods, and its practical component, through the discussion of real life Management, Finance and Marketing examples, enables us in the best way, to face the market and company realities. I will finish this program confident that my daily decisions are more consistent and based in an enriched experience, both from the personal and the professional points of view.

Sofia Dias Coelho

ESAF - Espírito Santo Activos Financeiros
Programa Geral de Gestão

To share, deepen and update my knowledge in management were the goals I had when I registered in the General Management Program. An excellent teaching staff and a group of colleagues from very different backgrounds and professional experience helped me to reach those goals. I completed this program motivated to start again, as each module uncovers themes that require further learning needs. But that is one of the exciting things in Life, to be always looking for new things.

Tiago Marcelino

Diretor da Marina
Sonae Turismo / Marina de Troia S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão

Undoubtedly the best way to learn new skills in specific areas, and to refresh past ideas. Thank you for the high level of demand and for the great work. I will, most definitely return for other areas of interest. Congratulations!


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