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Entrepreneurs in Residence

Bringing enterprising to the School

Involvement with unique skillsets and the experience of the innovators’ community is a key success factor for CATÓLICA-LISBON. The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EntreIR) is a program where experienced entrepreneurs are invited to become more involved with the Business School and to participate in its’ active life.

Appointed by the Dean’s Office, Entrepreneurs in Residence (EntreIR) bring a fantastic real-world expertise to our students’ projects, into a space where like-minded people can share ideas, learn new techniques and develop innovative ways of work.

And for those more interested in exploring social innovation, the Social Innovators in Residence (SocialInnoIR) will have a special role in supporting the development of social impact ventures, with experienced professionals that have addressed the challenges of entrepreneurship, organizational management and social change.

Accessible to students, faculty and staff on a pre-scheduled basis, the contributions of the Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs in Residence may include:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Guest lectures
  • Workshops in major specific areas
  • Project advising and feedback
  • Competition judging
  • Sponsorship of class projects
  • Mentoring
  • Assist students and faculty members with networking

Meet our Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators in Residence

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