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RTP carried out a financial accounting and management program for its directors, in order to level up their financial expertise. The program has been prepared using data and practical examples of the company itself in order to familiarize participants with their reality. This program provides non-specialists with a solid pragmatic and rigorous background, in Management and Financial Analysis, allowing the assimilation of the most important concepts of Corporate Finance. Thus, a correct interpretation of financial information along with the mastery of language used by "financial" professionals is ensured, providing increased capacity for dialogue with important sectors of the company and the market in the organization.




In order to improve and align the profile of the ‘Santander Leader’, the SANTANDER TOTTA bank enrolled in 11 editions of this program between 2006 and 2013, involving all its managing structure. This program develops the leadership potential of participants, through an innovative methodology that includes 360º feedback and the preparation of an individual plan for developing leadership, which will then be re-evaluated in a follow-up session.




NOS helds, since its establishment, an annual seminar program for its staff. The topics covered are relevant for the telecommunications sector in particular, or top and innovative themes in General Management. The seminars ensure participants access to state of the art themes, broadening their horizons by promoting their intellectual curiosity and the application to their business reality. Each seminar usually lasts for half a day and works in a room adapted to a group between 60 to 80 participants. These initiatives are prime time for strategic reflection and internal brainstorming.




The 1st edition of the General Management Program for the SONAE GROUP began in 2006, and this year the 19th edition took place, which is indicative of the success of the program, which is transversal to the Group's various businesses.


MSD works closely with the various players in the health sector in Portugal. The workshop Leading and Building a Process of Change, that involves the entire team, eminently practical and lasting one day, has had dozens of editions all over the country. This initiative aims to help multidisciplinary teams of managers and employees of the functional units of primary health care to build, lead and implement change initiatives.





The Sales Management Program was very successfully held for the DELTA CAFÉS group as part of a long and successful collaboration trajectory. This program aims to enhance the expertise of business executives with business functions to be able to, in a changing environment, manage the relationship with the market and with customers in order to ensure profitability, effectiveness and sustainability of results.




GALP Energia

Galp Energia started in 2010 an ambitious training project for its Senior Staff and Young People with High Potential, divided into three levels and with a total duration of 10 years, involving management and behavioral skills.



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