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Customer planning
Banco Credibom, SA
Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital

The digital and offline world is converging. We live in a multiscreen era, we are always on and we know what we want. WEB 2.0 more than a technological change was a change of attitude and behavior. Anyone who can create a disruption to the value chain is at the top of the competition. Everything is very fast, the challenge lies in the ability to adapt and focus on consumers, fostering a culture of innovation. According to Walter Landor, "The power of a brand lies in what customers learn, feel, see and hear about it." This program enables a 360º view of digital marketing and contributes to the development of strategic thinking. 

Filipa Mesquita

Gestora de Produto
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

Excellent faculty, very current contents, topics discussed and debated assertively and concisely, makes the Digital Marketing Management Program one of the best programs I have ever attended. The expectation was great, several testimonials already described the program as the "best" of the digital era and everything was confirmed. I finished the program with a greater knowledge and a great satisfaction of being able to put into practice in the PESCANOVA Marketing Department.


Filipa Roldão

Brand Manager
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

Building or managing a brand in the digital world is now a requirement and not an option. "Digital" is a powerful force, enabling the relevant content to be directed to a well-identified target, promoting consumers' engagement with brands and above all it can be measured unequivocally. The Digital Marketing Management Program is very focused on taking advantage of this monumental opportunity that is Digital Transformation. With an excellent faculty it was possible to learn and understand the tools and techniques of social media, which allow us to build a social business, dynamic, collaborative, efficient, customer-driven and, above all, more profitable!

Gonçalo Serafim

General Manager
SEAT Center Arrábida
Gestão de Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing Management program allows a global view over the digital marketing, help us understand how the consumers are always changing consumption habits and how the processes of buying decision are different from the ones originated in the traditional marketing. It also allows for a better review of how we currently communicate with our clients in our companies and provides helpful tools to define and build a strategical plan for digital marketing.

The flexibility to being enabled to attend the modules through the digital platforms was an advantage during the pandemic, where not every participant could attend in person the modules.

Joana Brito

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing Management is, nowadays, a mandatory challenge for any company or brand. In that way, the Digital Marketing Program from Universidade Católica not only provides an overview of Digital Marketing, but also several monitoring and content management tools, contributing towards the development of strategic thinking, through the analysis of case studies in class. The current approach to the different themes, trends and market challenges, is ensured by a Faculty of reference.

Joana Fonseca

Marketing Manager Luxury & Premium Brands
Gestão de Marketing Digital

My experience in Digital Marketing Management program at Católica surpassed my expectations in different ways, not only for the programmed lectured content, which were very well structured, but also because of the Guests and Professors of different areas that enriched the program and allowed a more real and practical approach towards the Digital world. In a year particularly challenging as we lived in 2020, the adaptability and resiliency in the present times marked also positively my experience, enabled me to follow the classes in a safe way and without compromising the quality that Católica has accustomed us.

João Graça

Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital

In the last 10 years, the world has changed. Perhaps the main change has been the introduction of the smartphone and the way we interact with it. Changes in consumer behaviors also and there is a need for companies to understand what are these changes and how they should adapt. Based on this assumption I looked for a program that would help me understand how I could continue to reach customers and propose them the best solutions. The Católica Business School was the natural choice for prestige, faculty, methodology and schedule flexibility.

Maria Armanda Duarte

Responsável de Comunicação Externa
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

The digital world is the future and is constantly changing. Something we hear or read daily. The knowledge of Digital Marketing is a need, and while being a professional in the Branding and Communication areas, the program was relevant to acquire new techniques, channels and return metrics. Knowing and experiencing, testing and learning, are key while following the needs of present and past consumers.

Understanding how we can differentiate a brand through digital channels, making the involvement between consumers and brand even closer and unique, was a key factor.

Paulo Carvalho

Cardio Metabolic Product Manager
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

This program allows a global view of digital marketing through a specialized, experienced and recognized faculty. It allowed me to have an interaction with professionals of the area which was quite enriching. It is not enough to have a single vision of digital communication, it is necessary and imperative an integration of offline and online strategy and thus a multi-channel approach. This program, through practical cases, provides examples of how to operate in highly competitive environments. All the major areas of digital marketing were addressed, the sessions were very interactive between teachers and students in an open and sharing environment. In the sessions, real cases and professional experiences were discussed, which gaves us a realistic and up-to-date view of the digital reality. Very important and enriching was the contact with all the tools of analysis and measurement of campaigns. The way this program is structured allowed me to have access to the new digital trends, to have a perspective on the future of communication and interaction with customers. I highly recommend!


Pedro Nunes

Marketing Manager
Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital

The Digital Marketing Management Program gave me a new perspective on the Digital Marketing area, focusing on new trends, strategies and metrics. The theme and contents are current and pertinent, and enabled me to apprehend the concepts, providing a precious benchmark, applicable to my professional area. All the new trends in digital marketing were covered, the sessions were very interactive amongst the participants and the faculty, the contents are up-to-date and the themes addressed were discussed in an assertive and concise manner, within an open and sharing environment. I emphasize the excellent, specialized and experienced faculty. I recommend Católica Lisbon’s Digital Marketing Program because it is a structured, up-to-date program that enables access to the new digital trends and to the perspective of the future of communication.

Rita Agostinho

Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital

The Digital Marketing Management Program fulfilled my expectations and was a useful refresh for strategy/performance themes in the Digital area. The topics covered were very current and consistently illustrated with case studies, national and international, that helped the perception of the concepts and provide a valuable benchmark, transposable to my professional reality. I would also like to highlight the quality of the Program Speakers, clear references in the context of Digital in Portugal, with a very practical and available posture of the students.

Susana Pires Aperta

Diretora de Marketing e Comunicação
Chamartin Imobiliaria
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital

After completing my degree in management 15 years ago, and having always developed my professional career in Marketing, I felt the need to acquire and extend my technical knowledge in the digital field. The Digital Marketing Management Program teaches us to work with the various tools that we currently have at the digital level, and to think strategically. In this way, we will achieve better results in our day-to-day life. I highly recommend.

Vasco Morgado

Marketing & Communications
Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital

Nowadays, companies have to answer to the challenges that arise from their stakeholders’ behaviours and social media in general, which arise due to digital technologies. This challenge implied changing both the marketing paradigm as we knew it, and the external and internal communications. We live “in the moment of the (latest) news” and in the “immediate” satisfaction of the consumer needs, who demands for a pro-active approach, as the only line of defence for value creation. This program allowed me to consolidate the digital marketing strategic approach, the value of brands - that have an important impact in the company’s value – and acquire new monitoring tools and methodologies. Taking into account my financial background, this program, – endorsed by a faculty that addresses the themes, trends and the available tools of Digital Marketing in a pragmatic manner-, allowed me to complement my skills and knowledge in this area, which is where I want to develop my professional career.


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