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Active Training in Negotiation Skills

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Duration: 3 days



Program Description

Active Training in Negotiation Skills is a highly interactive seminar that will provide participants with negotiating strategies to maximize the achievement of its objectives through “win-win” agreements. To achieve this purpose, the seminar will start by presenting negotiation as a dual reality that requires taking into account other party’s interests without forgetting our own interests, in a value creation process that enables the maximization of joint gains. In fact, and contrary to what many people think, the aim of a negotiation should not be winning the negotiation but rather win with the negotiation process.

However, negotiation is not only about creating value. Along with this process (also called enlarging the pie), there is another parallel process: claiming value. In fact, instead of dividing the pie as 50/50 (win/win), why not go for a 70/30 (WIN/win) split of the pie? Thus, win/win is not necessarily an even distribution of value, and each party in a negotiation usually prefers to get a bigger slice of the pie than a smaller one. As a result, additionally to tools to create value (the so-called integrative negotiation) negotiators need tools to claim value (the so-called distributive negotiation).

After establishing the dual fundamental perspective of negotiation, the seminar Active Training in Negotiation Skills will address special negotiation challenges, such as team negotiations, intergroup negotiations, difficult situations and conflicts.



The purpose of the seminar Active Training in Negotiation Skills is twofold:

  1. Present, discuss and experiment a vast array of scientific based strategies and tools to use in the negotiation arena;
  2. Assure that all participants have a common language and approach to negotiation problems.



Active Training in Negotiation Skills uses a highly hands-on approach that will improve largely the impact of the training when compared with a more traditional training approach. Our methodology aims to expose gradually participants to negotiation techniques, maximizing therefore the opportunities for learning and action. In fact, traditional approaches have limitations when the goal is changing behaviors, since telling is not enough. With this active methodology, we offer participants more than merely telling – we give them the opportunity to see, ask, discuss and do! Thus, the seminar Active Training in Negotiation Skills will be highly experiential and interactive, consisting of a mixture of simulations, videos, exercises and systematization of concepts. Accordingly, participants will have the opportunity to practice negotiation skills through several individual and group role-plays.