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Alexandra Portugal

Gestora Departamento Digital
Sistemas McDonald's Portugal
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital

I was very pleased to take part in first edition of Digital Transformation, a training programme which completely exceeded my expectations. An excellent programme, with an outstanding teaching staff, always available to respond to the challenges which appeared during the course. Today we live in an era in which technology, namely digital, daily brings up the need to re-invent ourselves, and this programme was designed in a very complete form, in the sense of including the different organizational areas impacted by this new reality.

Also to be stressed is the team spirit which developed between trainers and trainees, the sharing of different experiences and stages of maturity of the organizations in this new era, which contributed to render the training even more useful and relevant to present day professional challenges we are all experiencing. The final assignment was essential to put all the knowledge we acquired along the way into practice, helping us to create and transform our present working methods, preparing us for a better professional performance.

The themes addressed were so interesting that, from a personal point of view, this course also contributed to further awaken my curiosity and will to learn more. So, I think this programme was only the beginning of a long journey.

Diogo Miragaia

Partner Sales Executive
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital

Doing the Executive Education in Digital Transformation was an excellent choice. Being already a reality in our society, the digital transformation has been challenging organizations to assess how they can, in a first phase, create more value and, in a second phase, capture more value for themselves. In the digital transformation process, the organizational context, the way people interact with each other, the existing processes in business models and technology are indispensable variables so that organizations can answer, pointedly, to an increasingly challenging world. The influence of technology and digital tools in the business day-to-day is an undeniable reality and its empowerment as a value creation and competitive advantage center, rather than its consideration as a cost center, has been a success formula for many companies.

This Executive Education has a structure very focused on the real problems of organizations, giving participants knowledge and experiences in the several relevant areas of digital transformation. The proximity of CATÓLICA-LISBON and the faculty to companies and to the business world has a unique value for the program, allowing that, in addition to a relevant theoretical training, a very present practical component takes place. The execution and presentation of a group project for the management of a real company and the workshop with specific companies in which the digital transformation had impact are examples of the practical dimension of the program and a great asset.

The presence of colleagues of companies from several industries enriches, undoubtedly, the program. If, on one hand, it helps us to see the challenges in another perspective through different insights, experiences and knowledge, on the other hand, it is a key point for understanding the role people play in the digital transformation, in which the various areas of a company are relevant in this phenomenon that has been changing so much the context we live in, both at a professional level and at a personal level.

I have no doubts that this Executive Education in Digital Transformation contributes not only to the personal and professional growth of each participant but also to the development of companies.

Fernando Braga

Direção Operacional de Produtos
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital

People and businesses are changing. The connectivity and mobility, more than pure technology, have become a new "way of life". This customer behavior change requires a new mindset of corporate organizational culture that ensures better consumer experiences. The "Digital Transformation" aims to respond to the challenges of the current "digital revolution" and identify the tools that we, as business executives, have to know to better articulate the strategy and business objectives with the strategy and objectives of the Digital areas and Information Systems. Only in this way we can create and capture more value for the business. The faculty gives us a magnificent experience of sharing knowledge, expertise and network. It is a very timely program that I highly recommend.

Sandra Pacheco

Gestão E-CARE
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital

I have chosen CATÓLICA-LISBON and the Digital Transformation Program for its proven excellence and internationalization in teaching. I particularly liked the program’s broad vision, the classes dynamics, the real application of theory and practice in digital transformation of a company, and also the excellent empathy and group’s synergy during classes. Thank you!

Sandra Pombo

Brand and Cultural Insight Director
Shift Thinkers
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital

To know how to act in the context of digital transformation, in which we are currently living, is something which is compulsory for any entrepreneur, brand manager and for individuals in general.

The impact of technology in the company, social and personal context, happens by the second, and is basic to understand how to profitably make use of this wonderful new world. This programme teaches us how to transform the challenges of the “fourth revolution” into opportunities.

As Strategy Director with a strong influence on and responsibility for the management of valuable brands, both national and multinational, I must stress the inclusiveness of themes and the practical side of the course which allows each participant to have a holistic understanding, integrated and practical, of the steps inherent to a process of digital transformation, from the initial idea to implementation. I also underline the excellence and dedication of the teaching staff, whose sharing and experience were fundamental for the assimilation of themes studied. This programme should be compulsory for any professional, in all areas. I would go further – if you can only take one course, take this one!




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