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Marketing and Consumer Behavior

The Marketing and Consumer Behavior group at CATÓLICA-LISBON is made up of influential researchers in their fields who are publishing award-winning research in the top journals worldwide. This group focuses on marketing modeling, marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

The members of the Marketing and Consumer Behavior group are published in top research journals including Management Science, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science or the Journal of Marketing. Since 2013 alone, this group’s members have seen over 30 journal articles published or accepted by scientific journals, almost half of which in scientific journals ranked at the Top 50 by the Financial Times or as 4 or 4* by the ABS.

The researchers in the group have also earned awards such as the Nicosia Award for Best Competitive Paper at the North American Association for Consumer Research conference, earned in 2007 by Rita Coelho do Vale with her paper “Sneaky Small Sins Flying Under the Radar: Package Sizes and Consumption Self-Regulation”, and then again in 2017 by Daniel Fernandes with his “The Mortgage Illusion”, or such as the Literati Network Awards of Excellence granted in 2013 to Wilson Bastos“A History of the Concept of Branding: Practice and Theory”.

Marketing and Consumer Behavior researchers have presented their work in more than 50 international conferences since 2013, including such significant meetings as Marketing Science Conference, European Marketing Academy Conference, and Association of Consumer Research Conference. They work as reviewers for marketing journals at the top of most rankings, including the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Product and Brand Management or the Journal of Retail and Consumer Services.

It is within the Marketing and Consumer Behavior group that some of CATÓLICA-LISBON’s research facilities have been able to develop and grow. Since 2013, CUBE has housed LERNE, the Laboratory of Research in Economics and Management, a laboratory for consumer behavior and consumer shopping experiences. Not only does LERNE include a computer lab, it also integrates a retail lab to simulate real shopping experiences.

The Online Research Panel (PEO) launched in 2015, made up of over 15.000 participants who respond to studies in person and online, in the fields of Economics and Management.

This research group also maintains research partnerships with influential Portuguese industry players such as Sonae, Delta, Grupo Esporão and Jerónimo Martins.

Main areas of study

The main study areas for the researchers in this group are Consumer Shopping & Retailing, Consumer Decision-Making, Biases and Emotions, and Data, Models and Skills Development.

In Consumer Shopping & Retailing, researchers have analysed anything from the impact of private labels on store loyalty, the ways consumers might forget what they wanted to purchase, the evolution of the concept of branding, or the effect of personal norms on food choices.

In Consumer-Decision Making, Biases and Emotions, CUBE specialists have found that investing in experiences results in more happiness than investing in objects, that reaching a long-term goal that requires you to inhibit your desires can be aided by planning to deviate, and have worked on topics like the effects of financial literacy or the anchor contraction effect.

Finally, when it comes to Data, Models and Skills Development, our researchers investigate topics like the effects of perceived financial well-being on general well-being.

Team members


Title: PRIMEMEAL - Using consumer psychology to promote healthier meal choices
Principal investigator (PI): Ana Costa
Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) Website:

Title: E-PRIMEMEAL - Using consumer psychology to promote healthier meal choices through mobile app use
Principal investigator (PI): Ana Costa
Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

Title: Well-Being & Sustainability: The spillover effect of social corporate responsibility practices on consumers' adoption of sustainable behaviors and on the consumption of sustainable products
Principal investigator (PI): Rita Coelho do Vale
Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)