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Professor David Patient will teach in English. However participants can communicate with him in Portuguese.


2h Program’s Opening and Kick-off
1h Coaching Individual Session
7h High performance team’s basis: align results and build processes
3,5h Increase the performance: results, processes and continuous improvement
1,5h Learning Teams I
7h Social technologies to the effective collaboration: from the agile teams to the organizations
7h Improving communication and decision making in teams
1,5h Learning Teams II
7h Remove the development boundaries: feedback dialogues and power relations
7h Mobilize the team for challenges of change
1,5h Learning Teams III


9,5h Lead teams in agile environments - practical cases
1h Closing
1,5h Learning Teams IV



Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo 


Phone: (+351) 215 906 000


Sandra Duque

Coordenadora Geral de Compras
Volkswagen Autoeuropa
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance
"I felt every day of the program an enthusiasm not common in me, thanks to this rich program (...) I can say that from now on I am an unconditional fan of this program and of Católica, an institution that lives up to the prestige it holds."