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Students who perform the International Undergraduate Program in Business Administration will develop strong interdisciplinary Management skills, with an international scope, complemented with a highly analytical course structure.

Concluding the Management track will result in an advanced understanding of topics such as Strategy, Marketing and Accounting.

To conclude the International Undergraduate Program in Business Administration students must obtain 180 ECTS by concluding:

  • Compulsory Courses and Learn in Action Program
  • 3rd year composed of Elective Courses and Exchange Program or Double Degree (one or two years).


Study Plan

Common Foundation

Year 1 - 1st semester      
Mathematics for Business & Economics   Introduction to Management  
Foundations of Microeconomics   Data Analysis  
Financial Accounting   + Learn in Action Program  


Study Plan

Management Track, exclusive for the International Undergraduate Program in Business Administration

year 1 - 2ND semester      
Optimization and Probability   Economic and Business Law  
Foundations of Macroeconomics   Christianity and Culture  
Marketing   + Learn in Action Program  
year 2 - 1st semester     yeAR 2 - 2ND SEMESTER
Statistics for Business & Economics     International Management
Strategy     Operations Management
Organizational Behavior     Cost Accounting
Finance I     Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Data Modeling     Applied Data Analytics
+ Learn in Action Program     + Learn in Action Program
year 3 - 1st and 2nd semester  
Cross Cultural Management  
Ethics and Social Responsibility  
International Business Strategy Game  
+ Elective Courses and Exchange Program or Double Degree  


International Exchange or Double Degree

In the 5th and 6th Semesters, students will choose from one of the following:

  • One semester International Exchange Program in a partner school and a “tailor made” semester at CATÓLICA-LISBON;
  • Two semesters abroad in an International Exchange Program with one of our partner schools.

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  • International Tri-School Exchange performed in two different international partner schools.

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  • Final year of the Double Degree Program with Grenoble Ecole de Management.

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  • Final two years of the Double Degree Program (4 years) with University of San Diego.

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Learn in Action Program

The Learn in Action Program is a Soft-skill development program included in the compulsory study plan, exclusively designed for our undergraduate students.

Develop “know-how” skills that are a crucial complement to academic knowledge and prepare you for the entry in a global job market and an outstanding career. Topics like international careers and multinational corporate environments will be addressed by experienced and specialized speakers.

It also includes modules on Spoken and Written Communication and Career Development, as well as the chance to engage in extra-curricular activities that develop key competences for a successful professional future: Internships, Volunteering and Entrepreneurship Projects.



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