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The Experience


At CATÓLICA-LISBON we care for our students.

Each student's development is supervised by experienced professionals because you are special. Students, professors and staff develop a strong sense of community, working together towards common goals.

That's why at CATÓLICA-LISBON your experience will be unique. We encourage your development and make sure that day-by-day you enhance your personal and professional skills and get ready for the world.

CATÓLICA-LISBON identifies each individual’s merits and strengths and by doing so helps you find your path, open horizons and unleash your full potential.


School Community

Interaction with society, colleagues and the market has become key to our students' development. CATÓLICA-LISBON offers every student the first part of their interactions at the very start of the Program: the Induction Days.

Alumni & Mentors

Also, the Mentoring Program is designed to create interaction between you and an alumnus so that you can guide your development and deepen your understanding of your career. Executives on campus is another Program that often brings the Portugal's Top Executives to CATÓLICA-LISBON to share their experience with the students.

Your first Project

However, your student life will be complete if you partner with your colleagues and create projects on a business environment and contribute to help society. At CATÓLICA-LISBON we stimulate and support our students in every project that can enhance student life. You just need an idea and we will happily support you to move forward.

See below details of some programs that you will find at CATÓLICA-LISBON and to which we hope you can add more value and bring more ideas!

Take a sneak peak at our induction activities.

Academic Life

CATÓLICA-LISBON provides its new undergraduate students a memorable academic experience. The Welcome Day, the Solidarity Day, the Freshmen Weekend, our Snowtrip and many other festive activities are great opportunities for our students to be a part of our unique School spirit.

Participate in many other extra-curricular activities through our Student Union, various Student Clubs (including Finance, Economics, Marketing, International and many others), as well as the opportunity to participate in various cultural, sporting and social events.

Welcome Day

On the first day of school, the new students had the opportunity to experience various activities on the School Campus and interact with the CATÓLICA-LISBON'S veterans.

Induction Days

At the beginning of every intake we have several events to welcome all new students. The induction activities will help you to get an insight into the CATÓLICA-LISBON spirit. You will have the opportunity to meet all your new colleagues, the professors and the staff.
You will attend a welcome session, Outdoor Activities, and Sport Activities among many others!

Freshmen Weekend - tradition going back over 10 years

At the beginning of each academic year, new students along with the Students Union and faculty members, travel to Serra da Estrela for the “Freshmen Weekend”.

Outdoor activities, adventure walks along the mountain trails and the interaction among students help them develop a sense of team spirit and camaraderie.

Solidarity Day

During Solidarity Day, freshmen are invited to participate in a social responsibility project. This is always a lively day, which reinforces the spirit of teamwork among the students and represents their adhesion to the School’s social responsibility values.

Student Organizations

Join one of the many Student organized clubs, associations and Sports teams.
Here you can find a few examples that have greatly contributed for our CATÓLICA-LISBON community in Student envolvement, volunteering, entrepreneurship and even sports


CATÓLICA-LISBON students have the opportunity to do voluntary work for up to six months in Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor, helping the local people to create and develop their own businesses.

Set up by CATÓLICA- LISBON students in 2009, MOVE is a microcredit-garantie NGO with ongoing activity in several countries. MOVE has already helped over 50 small business owners.

To know more, please click here or contact

BET - Bring Entrepeneurs together

Bring Entrepreneurs Together was born at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics with the intention of promoting entrepreneurship inside the university.

Learn more about what BET do:


Students Union

Get to know the Students Union through their Facebook page.

Every year, the Students Union organizes several activities and events that promote the academic life of CATÓLICA-LISBON students, namely:


At CATÓLICA-LISBON you can join several Clubs, from Marketing to Finance, according to your interests:

Marketing Club Finance Club Economics Club




Cultural and Creative Management International Club Consulting Club





The Students’ Union of CATÓLICA-LISBON organizes several Sports activities.

Congradulations to our 2014 Men's Basketball Divisional Champs!
Get to know Enrico Andreani (Team Captain/Coach)

Here are just a few categories you can choose from:

  • Soccer Team Men 11 players;
  • Volley;
  • Rubgy;
  • Others.


The Students Union also organizes:

  • The Freshmen’s weekend;
  • The Rentrée Gala;
  • Kart Racing;
  • Paintball tournaments;
  • The Christmas and Summer Parties;
  • Lisbon Academic Week.