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Professional Testimonials

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In GRUPO JERÓNIMO MARTINS, people are at the heart of the business. We have a strong organizational culture, marked by the ambition and commitment of our employees, at various levels, and for a constant attitude of resilience, rigor and determination. This partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON has allowed us to design and develop programs focused on our reality and the current and future challenges faced by our activities, enhancing the performance of our managers in an international environment. In general, the results we have achieved have allowed us to strengthen our conviction that education is a strategic investment, as it makes people less resistant to change, more curious, more awake. And also more committed, to the present and the future.

Pedro Soares dos Santos
GRUPO JERÓNIMO MARTINS - Presidente do Conselho de Administração e Administrador-Delegado

Under the corporate university of the Group, MOTA-ENGIL ACTIVE SCHOOL, CATÓLICA-LISBON has proved a reliable partner in the various programs carried out in Portugal and other markets where the Group operates, thus helping to fulfill the plan to encourage and foster a spirit of continuous learning among employees of different generations and geographies. The investment in developing the skills of our people, in line with the strategy that we have defined, is assumed as a critical success factor for MOTA-ENGIL.

António Mota
MOTA-ENGIL - Presidente do Conselho de Administração

At EY people are indeed our biggest and most important asset. Being so, continuous training is a strategic pillar for our development and growth - as firm and as professionals. Our partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON is longstanding and has proved important for the development of our executives. The prestige and international recognition of the School, together with the quality of programs developed together with us, unambiguously contribute to personal enrichment and levels of motivation of our people. This partnership contributes for our motto "people first" to be lived every day.

João Alves
EY PORTUGAL - Country Managing Partner

I am a devout believer in training. The sharing of knowledge and experience that our employees have benefited from programs in the areas of Marketing and Organizational Behavior, that take place in partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON, whom I congratulate, have proved very important to us.

Rui Nabeiro
DELTA CAFÉS - Presidente do Conselho de Administração

Today it is not possible to separate the creation of value from the knowledge accumulation. Therefore, invest in the development of our staff is at the forefront of the strategic priorities of the GRUPO JOSÉ DE MELLO. We found in CATÓLICA-LISBON,  a partner who understood our position and has strongly contributed to strengthen the technical and management skills of our staff.

Vasco Mello
GRUPO JOSÉ DE MELLO - Presidente da Comissão Executiva

The qualified training of our human resources is, without doubt, a major priority of Galp Energia. The excellence of CATÓLICA-LISBON training programs for executives has been an irreplaceable anchor in the planning of training activities of our senior management.

Manuel Ferreira de Oliveira
GALP ENERGIA - Presidente Executivo

The development of employees, along with being an important means of personal development, is assumed at NOS as a strategic area for sustained business growth and competitiveness.
The existing partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON is undoubtedly an important pillar in implementing this continuous value creation strategy through the maximization of individual competencies in the areas of management and leadership.

Miguel Almeida

MSD as a social partner in healthcare has set the development policy of training and cooperation activities with national authorities as a priority, that we believe will have future impacts on growth and development of health in Portugal. CATÓLICA-LISBON has been our partner of excellence for conducting innovative training programs, geared to meet the challenges and specific needs of its participants.
The results of this collaboration have responded fully to our expectations and, more importantly, to our customers' expectations.

Leonardo Santarelli
MSD - Diretor-Geral

We chose CATÓLICA-LISBON to form Logoplaste Executives from 16 countries and they have defined the course as "moments of excellence in the days of study and training that we have attended".
The reason why we chose CATÓLICA-LISBON was the recognized quality of its teachers, the curricula that they present in the Executive Training and its prestige and international recognition. Congratulations to CATÓLICA-LISBON.

Filipe de Botton

At ACCENTURE, continuous education is a pillar base for the professional development plan of our employees. In this context, we have maintained for several years a close partnership with Universidade Católica, especially with the CATÓLICA-LISBON, where employees of ACCENTURE have the opportunity to deepen knowledge and skills, both in programs developed specifically for our organization, and in open programs. It is a partnership we intend to keep, for valuing the quality of teachers and syllabus as well as for believing that they have been an asset to our company.

José Galamba de Oliveira
ACCENTURE - Presidente


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