International Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration and in Economics & Finance

The time has come for you to make such an important decision regarding your future career, which at the moment seems so uncertain but will begin to take shape when you choose CATÓLICA-LISBON to continue your studies.

If your dream is to make a career in an increasingly global labor market, adventure beyond borders, build ties all over the world and leave an unmistakable mark, an international bachelor's degree is the best way forward and CATÓLICA-LISBON, with all its history and international projection, is the school you want to travel with.

Proven Experience and International Reputation

  • Consistently ranked a Top European Business School in Europe, according to Financial Times (FT) rankings
  • Among the Top 30 Best Business Schools in Europe, FT 2021 European Business School rankings
  • Tripple Crown Accredited (only 1% of all business schools are triple-accredited)


Over forty-five years of excellence training in the areas of Management and Finance, combining a solid theoretical base with a focus on practical experience and proximity to the business world.

CATÓLICA-LISBON's faculty is selected according to the highest scientific and educational requirements and includes highly qualified internationally renowned professors, hired by international institutions, who choose CATÓLICA-LISBON from among many other prestigious universities.

The quality of the research conducted at CATÓLICA-LISBON is internationally recognized through the participation of our professors in conferences and seminars around the world, in addition to the publication of their work in the most prestigious scientific publications in Economics and Management.

As part of the Catholic University, the best Portuguese University according to the prestigious THE, (Times Higher Education) ranking, CATÓLICA-LISBON is a Business School, among the best in Europe, recognized worldwide and accredited by the three most relevant world institutions (Triple Crown Accreditation). Our Master’s in Finance is #21 in the world, and our Master’s in Management is #26 in the world.


CATÓLICA-LISBON prepares its students in International Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration and in Economics & Finance to face a world in constant change, filled with challenges and with so much potential. Apart from the level of demand in the technical skills taught, the students also learn to develop an entire set of highly competitive interpersonal skills, as well as experiencing a multicultural academic life that will enrich them, with a guarantee of an employability rate of 98% within six months of completing the course.

The internationalization component, in the programs fully-taught in English, in the diverse nationalities and cultures to be found on campus, in the promotion of exchange programs or the opportunities for you to do the International Tri-School Exchange or a Double Degree with reputable partner schools, as well as international internships, is an important part of this global education program and allows student to extend their learning abroad, a challenge for those who have the ambition to go further.

With the Learn in Action program, which will accompany you throughout your course, you will develop essential skills for the labor market, from negotiating skills and written and verbal communication to teamwork. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities, including internships, volunteering and even entrepreneurial projects.

The International Bachelor's degrees at CATÓLICA-LISBON prepare students for a successful career in Economics and Business, internationally.

Individualized Follow-up

Students at CATÓLICA-LISBON benefit from very close individual support. Professors, specialized staff, mentors, and tutors are assigned to each student, with availability and time to enhance academic and personal skills in preparation for their future and integration into the labor market.

As soon as you enter the School, you start preparing for your professional future with the help of a dedicated Career Consultant and you have access to personal development programs provided by the Careers & Talent Office that complement the curriculum.

You can apply for the Mentoring Program that helps connect Bachelor and Master students with CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni, with vast experience and knowledge, available to support your personal, academic, and professional development.

Studying in the heart of Lisbon, the trendiest capital in Europe, allows you to complement the academic experience in one of the best Business Schools in Europe with cultural enrichment and fun events, right in the center of the corporate world and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city.

The Lisbon Experience is an experience that CATÓLICA-LISBON wants to help you to make the most of. Lisbon will be your gateway to the world.

CATÓLICA-LISBON provides its new undergraduate students a memorable academic experience. The Welcome Day, the Solidarity Day, the Freshmen Weekend, our Snowtrip and many other festive activities are great opportunities for our students to be a part of our unique School spirit and experience Life at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

Participate in many other extra-curricular activities through our Student Union, various Student Clubs, as well as in various cultural, sports and social events.

All personal and professional experiences, learning and human interactions will help you make lifetime friendships, while building a unique resumé.

When you decide to join the more than 40,000 alumni who have studied at CATÓLICA-LISBON, you can be assured that your resumé will include a name that is recognized internationally for the quality of its teaching and for its production of original and relevant knowledge. But it will also give you access to a network of valuable contacts, mentors and companies that can open up doors to a world of inexhaustible opportunities in a variety of industries and geographic areas.

Learn more about our Alumni and understand the impact they are having on the world.


The study plans for the international bachelor's degrees are open to a high degree of customization, so that students can map out their own learning route and experience, allowing them to choose from a number of options for schools, countries and areas of interest. Each student is different and here at CATÓLICA-LISBON we want to know everybody by name.

The compulsory subjects in the common core of the curricular plan have been development to have a wide international breadth, giving a global perspective of the topics of Management, Economics and Finance.

In the first year, students study core subjects common to all the areas and then specialize in the area that most interests them during the following three semesters. Management or Economics In the third year, there are even more customization options, with the choice of a favorite exchange or international program.

Studying at CATÓLICA-LISBON is within the reach of all students who have shown above average skills and exceptional dedication to their studies. Learn more about our fees as well as the conditions of access to our Merit Scholarships.