A successful career begins with the first step


The close relationship CATÓLICA-LISBON has with the national and international business world creates unique opportunities for bachelor’s degree students to develop their careers. We deal with top companies that are always interested in recruiting talent from our school and over half of the students have job offers even before they have finished their studies.

At the Careers & Talent Office, you’ll find the help you need throughout your entire time with us.

The result is plain to see! Some recent data:

What do students decide to do when they’ve finished their course?

How long does it take for them to find a job?

Immediately after their bachelor’s degree, the majority of students choose to go directly to their master's degree or to get some professional experience before doing their master's degree.

The 98% of students placed within six months of completing their bachelor’s degrees and the over 53% of students who have been able to get a job before graduating confirms the clear preference of companies in recruiting students from CATÓLICA-LISBON.


Where do they choose to work?

Examples of positions and companies where you can find former CATÓLICA-LISBON students:

Who else is looking for our talent?

What do other students say?

What can we do to help you?


The aim of the Careers & Talent Office is to provide individual and personalized support to each student at CATÓLICA-LISBON in building their personal brand, giving them more detailed information on the job opportunities that the master’s degree programs at CATÓLICA-LISBON open up to them and providing them with the tools they need to develop the necessary skills and prepare themselves more effectively for the opportunities and challenges of the labor market.

keyboard_arrow_up Career Consultant

A Career Consultant will be assigned to you right from the beginning of the program and will be with you until your time at our school comes to an end. This monitoring is done at different levels, through:

- counselling sessions for identifying your career goals and outlining a strategy to achieve them;

- feedback on different essential tools (such as your resumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile);

- advice on the best approach to the different labor markets;

- preparation for job interviews and providing assessment tests for training;

- advice and assistance in finding summer internships that will provide an enriching first professional experience.

The Career Consultant also works directly with companies in the national and international markets, gathering information on the best approach to each type of market or sector and building bridges between students and the professional market.

keyboard_arrow_up Recruiting Platforms

As a student of CATÓLICA-LISBON, you will have access to several platforms that will help you to complement your preparation for the labor market and to find the job of your dreams. These platforms provide constant access to job offers and internships in different countries, interview simulations and training for recruitment tests, direct contact with recruiting companies (both national and international) and access to detailed information on the labor market and career development. 

Through careerNETwork, you will have access to an infinite number of events and training courses related to careers, information on jobs, sectors and markets, salary levels and recruitment documentation, as well as networking opportunities with former students or leading figures in the business world.

keyboard_arrow_up Skills Development

With Career Accelerator Lab, which is an integral part of the academic course for the master’s degree program, you will have the opportunity for personal development and to develop the technical skills essential for preparing your future. The personal skills developed here are a crucial complement to academic learning and will guide you when you join the labor market and create essential bases for your career.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in different extracurricular activities, including internships, volunteering and even entrepreneurial projects, as well as direct contact with recruiters.

keyboard_arrow_up Corporate Experiences

Throughout the program, there is constant contact with companies in the most varied of sectors. These are practical opportunities for students to get a concrete idea of how a company works:

  • Events on campus, 
  • Open Days at companies,
  • skills development activities, 
  • networking sessions, 
  • recruiting activities with national and international companies, 
  • internships and job shadowing,
  • Study tripsto companies headquartered in important European capitals, such as Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam and Luxembourg.


* The countries and companies visited may vary from year to year. This activity is temporarily suspended due to the current pandemic situation.

keyboard_arrow_up Student Clubs & Associations

The Professional Student Clubs at CATÓLICA-LISBON are the ideal way for you to make contacts and friendships, while at the same time developing skills and investing in a project that is sure to add immense value to your academic and professional life.

For better integration into the academic life and spirit, to have fun, do sports, share talents and create a lifelong network of friends and contacts, then the Student Associations could be the right choice for you.