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Who can apply?

All students, from any nationality or educational system, who fulfill the mandatory requirements, according to one of the following conditions:

Application Formula

The Application Grade is calculated by using the following formula:

Application Grade

Recommended Grades

- Application Requirements:

  • Secondary Education Average Grade 

Recomended Standard: 80% or higher (minimum to apply: 50%)

  • High-level Mathematics Exam Grade

Recomended Standard: 80% or higher (minimum to apply: 60%)

  • English Proficiency

Recomended Standard: C1 CEFR

  • Personal Statement and Curriculum Vitae

Recomended Standard: International Mindset and Background


To submit the Application, Applicants must fulfill all mandatory requirements. The academic performance is the factor we consider the most important, as it is the best indicator of your future success at the attendance of the International Undergraduate Program at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

We also take into consideration the applicant’s profile requirements, for instance, the English Proficiency, the Personal Statement and the Curriculum Vitae (CV) are 15% of the application formula.

keyboard_arrow_up Secondary Education Completion

Applicants can apply with predicted grades, before completing their Secondary Education. In this case, applicants have to present their Diploma Statement, signed by a Secondary Education Teacher or Counselor, and their official Transcript of Records with all grades up to the point when the student submits the application.

If you have any questions regarding the Diploma Statement please contact the Admissions Office.

Applicants must complete or prove they will complete Secondary Education by 31 August of the academic year.

Applicants who have completed Secondary Education Average Grade, must deliver a Certified Hard Copy of their Secondary Education Diploma and Certificate with Final Grade.

keyboard_arrow_up High-level Mathematics Exam

To apply to the International Undergraduate Programs at CATÓLICA-LISBON applicants must perform a High-level Mathematics Exam, either in the current academic year or in one of the two previous academic years.

All exams in the list below are considered eligible:

  • Exame Nacional de Matemática A (Portugal)
  • Prova Oficial de Batxillerat (POB) Matemàtiques Cientificotecniques (Andorra)
  • Maths: General Mathematics / Maths: Mathematical Methods / Maths: Specialist Mathematics (Australia)
  • Mathematik – Matura (Austria)
  • Mathematiques (Belgium)
  • Advanced Functions (Canada)
  • Matemática PGI (Cape Verde)
  • Mathematiques, Ens. de Spécialité, Voie Générale (Terminale) (France)
  • Abitur – Mathematik (Germany)
  • Mathematics HL (Ireland)
  • BAGRUT – Mathematics (Israel)
  • Matematica – Maturità (Italy)
  • Mathematics (India)
  • Mathematique (Luxembourg)
  • Mathematics Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (Namibia)
  • Advanced Mathematics / Matematikk R1 and/or R2 (Norway)
  • Matemática Mate -INFO / Matemática - Real Natural Science (Romania)
  • Unified State Exam (Profile level) (Russia)
  • SQA - Higher Mathematics (Scotland)
  • Mathematics (South Africa)
  • Matemáticas II / Ampliación de Las Matemáticas Aplicadas a las Ciencias Sociales ll (Spain)
  • Mathématiques - Maturité Fédérale Suisse / Mathématiques - Maturité Gymnasiale Suisse (Switzerland)
  • Mathematics: Further Pure / Mathematics A Level (United Kingdom)
  • AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC (USA)
  • Mathematics A level / Mathematics AS level/ Mathematics - Further (Cambridge Assessment International Education)
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL/ SL or Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL  (International Baccalaureate)
  • Mathematics 3 Periods / Mathematics 5 Periods (European Baccalaureate)


All applicants that are under the International Student Status Regulations can perform CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Admissions Test.

Please download the Application Guide to know if your exam is eligible. In case you have any doubts about the eligibility of your exam, please contact the Admissions Office.  

keyboard_arrow_up Other Examinations

Other Examinations may be considered, pending submission and syllabi evaluation from the Admissions Jury. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office.


IMPORTANT: Certified Paper Version of the Certificate with the final grade/score of the Mathematics Exam must be permanently submitted to the Admissions Office.

keyboard_arrow_up English Proficiency

The recommended English level to apply is C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Recommended English Proficiency:

  • You are a native English speaker;
  • You have performed and IELTS, TOEFL, or CAE examination with recommended C1 CEFR level or higher.
  • You have been taught exclusively in English for at least one year during your Secondary Education;
  • You perform an English Examination in the final year of your Secondary Education with your diploma granting a CEFR level of B2 or higher.

IMPORTANT: Certified/Official Paper Version of the Certificate must be presented to the Admissions Office.


Internal English Test

If you do not meet any of the above mentioned conditions, you may perform an Internal English Test on Campus throughout the application.

The Internal Test intends to evaluate the English level of the applicant. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Please note that the deadline for presenting the English Certificate is at the second week of July.

keyboard_arrow_up Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is the best way for the Admissions Jury to learn more about you and know why you decided to apply to the Program.

The Personal Statement should have a minimum of 350 and a maximum of 500 words (one Word sheet). In your Personal Statement tell us more about yourself, beyond your hobbies or current academic curriculum.


keyboard_arrow_up Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae is very important for the Admissions Jury to learn more about all other activities that the student performed. You should include your academic and professional experiences, as well as volunteer activities, practiced sports, spoken languages and any other relevant activities and events you have participated in.

keyboard_arrow_up Interview

The Admissions Jury may request an Interview (15 minutes) as a complementary requirement. Interviews are a common practice but not mandatory, as they will be used to help us in evaluating in detail your application. The number of Interviews performed does not mean you will be at an advantage or disadvantage during the application process.


keyboard_arrow_up Elevator Pitch Video
Applicants are given the opportunity to submit a pitch video of approximately 1 minute to present themselves to the Admissions Jury. This is a mandatory requirement as it influences the applicant’s overall profile score. 
keyboard_arrow_up Final Documentation

Applicants must submit their Certificates with final grades in their Application Status Page until July 2024

All original documentation must be delivered at the University Academic Services (0 Floor, in the Library Building) after classes start and until October 15th, 2024. Failure to submit the final documentation may result in exclusion of the student.

Mandatory Documentation

Students from Portuguese Schools:

- Secondary Education Certificate (Ficha ENES 2024)

Students from International Schools in Portugal:

- Secondary Education Certificate with grades

- Certificate of Equivalence that must have been previously requested to Direção-Geral da Educação*

- Mathematics Exam Certificate (if it is not included in your Secondary Education Certificate)

*If you don't receive the Equivalence Certificate from the Ministry of Education in Portugal until the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible by phone and notify us by email to

Students from International Schools in Foreign Countries:

- Secondary Education Certificate with grades with the Hague Apostille and Official Translation to Portuguese by a sworn translator

- Mathematics Exam Certificate (if it is not included in your Secondary Education Certificate)

Important: in order to obtain the Hague Apostille you must contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.

Certificate of Equivalence that must have been previously requested to Direção-Geral da Educação*

*If you don't receive the Equivalence Certificate from the Ministry of Education in Portugal until the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible by phone and notify us by email to 

Should you wish to receive more information, please contact the Marketing & Admissions Office at