Mentoring Program

Created in 2007, this program is a reference in the academic environment, contributing to the personal academic and professional development of Bachelor and Master students, through "one-to-one" contact with a CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni - who will be their Mentor. This is a collaborative and sharing relationship of enormous mutual benefit.

Key Program Figures

Inspire and help develop a  new generation of young people who want to be protagonists in the world. Be part of the CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni Mentors network.

It is a collaborative M&M - Mentor| Mentee relationship, based on trust and mutual consideration. The Mentor uses his/her experience and know how to support the critical reflection and personal, academic and professional development of the student, being a catalyst for it. A relationship of sharing and enormous mutual benefit.

An opportunity to mark and to be part of the path of this new generation of young people. The promise of a worthwhile challenge. Take a chance! We’re counting on you! Join us!

I want to be a Mentor


1. Who are the mentees?

Students from CATÓLICA-LISBON, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor's or Master's 1st and 2nd year students, who annually apply to the program.


2. What is the Mentor profile?

  • Being a CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni;
  • 7 years of minimum professional experience;
  • Willingness to share and support young people in their development, path, resilience and goals;
  • Open to active listening, constructive feedback, instigating the right question that unlocks doors or uninstalls;
  • Availability to embrace this challenge;
  • Working in Portugal or abroad.


3. Expectations

a.    Duration: 7 months 

From November 2023 to May 2024.

During the month of October, the match is made between the Mentors who volunteered and the Mentees who applied. At the end of the month, both receive information about this M&M match.

At the end of each edition of the Program, a survey is sent out and M&M can renew their availability to continue the program for another year.

Note: In the 1st Year of the Bachelor’s Degree, the program will start in the 2nd semester, February 2024 and will last 4 months.

b.    Time investment

  • The mentor having available time is essential for the program to work successfully and the defined goals to be achieved. We know   that time is very limited, but the program is flexible and must be compatible with professional activity.
  • It is desirable, not mandatory, that the mentor be able to allocate one hour of mentoring every 6 or 7 weeks.


4. Goals definition between M&M

It is equally important that Mentors work with Mentees at the beginning of the program to identify the 2 main goals they want to achieve in each edition.


5. M&M Communication

Communication between mentors and mentees is flexible and can span multiple channels.

Whenever possible, it is advisable to promote some face-to-face sessions, but you can always resort to online sessions. The most important thing is to be present.


"The Mentoring Program, innovative in Portugal, encourages a unique exchange of experiences, forcing tutors to regain contact with the academic reality and students to share expectations and concerns, generating a rethinking of the two realities on both sides. It is very enriching and, for sure, an element of change.”

Isabel Jonet | Mentor | Alumna Economics 1977-82


"(...) In addition to the inherent satisfaction of supporting someone younger and helping your university, the program allows you to keep in touch with the way younger professionals think today and with the evolution of the teaching of management."

Ana Videira-Johnson | Mentor | Alumna Management 1983-89