CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Executive Education programs can represent a giant step in your professional journey.

The programs are designed according to the latest market trends in management with an expert faculty body and in close connection with the corporate world.

Our methodologies aim at developing strong academic skills, while promoting discussion of cases and interaction among participants, thus providing enhanced learning and networking opportunities.

The offer of Open Enrolment Programs covers the areas of Management, Innovation, Digital, Marketing & Sales Management, Leadership, HR & Soft Skills, Finance, Healthcare Management, and Industry Specific Programs – lots to choose from.

The Executive Masters at CATÓLICA-LISBON have proved to be extremely successful as they constitute a training of excellence in Management, complemented by a specialization, being taught by a faculty that combines strong academic skills with a strong connection to the business reality.

Designed for professionals, these programs last approximately 10 months and take place on a part-time basis and after working hours.

At the end of the program, you will benefit from a unique development of competences that is certified through an Executive Master diploma with the excellence stamp of CATÓLICA-LISBON, with the possibility of applying for a master's degree (Masters in Applied Management), which will only require the completion of 8 additional subjects and a dissertation project (thesis). 

A disruptive offering, designed to promote a long-term relationship with professionals who wish to continuously develop their personal and professional skills.

The Online Academies work on a module model. Each module aims to provide each Participant with a critical, current competence, relevant to their professional performance.

Each module includes 5 hours of active learning time (time dedicated to learning the competence), distributed across multiple learning tools – including Zoom sessions, multimedia content, individual or group exercises to apply the concepts.

The modules are organized according to major themes, each of these themes constituting an Online Academy. Each Online Academy offers between 12-20 modules per year, with a cadence of between 1 and 2 modules per month.

At the Online Academies, you can choose which modules you want to participate in, thus having total flexibility to develop the skills you see most critical for your career.

As alumni, you have access to the best and most up-to-date knowledge produced at the School through the research insights of some of our Faculty.

Stay tuned to our Knowledge@CATÓLICALISBON conferences on the subjects that most interest you!