Don’t miss the opportunity to get together with your fellow alumni and participate in the events the School organizes for you!

Class Reunions – Back to School


The Back to School Reunion is an initiative which celebrates every 5th anniversary of the class graduation. It allows former students of CATÓLICA-LISBON to relive good memories and provides each alumnus with the opportunity to go back to the experience of sitting in a classroom, next to classmates.

International Club Meeting

Career Award

The Career Award ceremony is held within the scope of the CATÓLICA-LISBON Day, a yearly initiative organized by the Dean’s Office, with the support of the Alumni Office.

Each recipient of the Career Award is chosen by a panel of independent personalities, from a list of candidates suggested by the alumni.

The first edition of the Career Award took place in 2006.

keyboard_arrow_up Since then, this distinction has been awarded to the following alumni:
keyboard_arrow_up 2006: Isabel Jonet

(Economics, 1977-1982) for her work at the head of the Food Bank Against Hunger;

keyboard_arrow_up 2007: Sérgio Rebelo
(Economics, 1976-1981), professor of Finance at the Kellogg School of Management in the USA, for his brilliant academic career.
keyboard_arrow_up 2008: António Horta-Osório
(Business Administration and Management, 1981-1987), CEO of Lloyds Bank, for his outstanding international career in the financial sector.
keyboard_arrow_up 2009: Carlos Melo Ribeiro
Business Administration and Management, 1972-1977) for his work as Managing Director of Siemens Portugal.
keyboard_arrow_up 2010: António Viana Baptista
(Economics, 1975-1980) for his distinguished international career in Telecommunications.
keyboard_arrow_up 2011: Alexandre Relvas and Filipe de Botton
(Business Administration and Management, 1976-1981) for their work as entrepreneurs and leaders at Logoplaste.
keyboard_arrow_up 2012: Miguel Villas-Boas
(Economics, 1979-1984) internationally recognized as a thought leader in the areas of Economics and Marketing.
keyboard_arrow_up 2013: Luís Palha
(Business Administration and Management, 1976-1981) for his brilliant and diversified professional career.
keyboard_arrow_up 2014: Joaquim Goes
(Business Administration and Management, 1983-1989) for his outstanding professional career in Management.
keyboard_arrow_up 2016: Luís Amaral
(Business Administration and Management, 1979-1984), CEO and major shareholder of Eurocash, for his outstanding entrepreneurship and a highly successful professional career.
keyboard_arrow_up 2017: Fátima Barros
(Economics, 1980-1986), for her remarkable contribution in the development and internationalization process of CATÓLICA-LISBON and for her work as the first woman president of a regulatory body and of BEREC.

Conferences & Other Events

CATÓLICA-LISBON wants to keep in touch with you in meaningful ways, that enrich your day to day and foster your ties to the school. That’s why we regularly create conferences and other events, that not only bring you closer to the school’s knowledge pool but also to your former classmates – and, who knows, other alumni that might just provide you with the next step you’ve been planning for your career.

Keep a close eye on the schedule and make sure to show up!