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Study of the Portuguese Society (October 2015)

Study of the Portuguese Society- Study of Satisfaction and Well-being to the Portuguese Society (October 2015)

The Observatory of Portuguese Society of CATÓLICA-LISBON performed on October 2016 its first study. This first study focused on the characterization of the Portuguese Society and it aimed to assess and monitor levels of satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being of the Portuguese Society. A total of 996 participants completed the study. The results are very interesting because despite the crisis period experienced in recent years and political instability occurred during October 2015, a large proportion of participants still indicate to feel happy (72%) and are satisfied with life in general (67%). Most respondents also agree that their lives are close to their ideal (62%). Regarding the emotional state of respondents, a large proportion of participants feel happy most of the time (47%). Concerning well-being, a high percentage of participants feel that what they do in life has value and is worthwhile (65%), they are satisfied with their standard of living (55%), and they feel part of their community (61%).

Nevertheless, future security, the amount of time to do the things they enjoy doing, and the increase of opportunities for people to show their personal value were considered areas with lower levels of satisfaction and well-being.

In conclusion, knowledge extracted from this study may be useful for policy makers, as well as for other parties and stakeholders, towards the promotion of future national programs or actions more appropriated to the present context of members of the Portuguese society, which may lead to better medium and long-term results. This is a contribution from CATÓLICA-LISBON to the Portuguese Society.

Unfortunately, the studies are only available in Portuguese. Please contact us in case you need some more detailed information (E-mail: e Tel.: (+351) 217 214 122).

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Aggregated Report Sample Characterization General Indicators: Happiness and Satisfaction with Life




Specific Indicators: Satisfaction with Life

Specific Indicators: Position in Society

Specific Indicators: Emotions and Feelings




Specific Indicators: Well-being