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Students who are undecided between Management and Economics can postpone their final decision until their 2nd year. You will have the opportunity to study both areas (Economics and Management) and decide which area you want to graduate at the end of the first year.

In the second year, the study plan will include courses like Econometrics and Macroeconomics.

On the third year, specific international focus courses can be complemented with your partial “tailor made” course selection, allowing you to choose out of over 30 elective courses the ones that better match your interests and boost your technical profile.

Learn in Action

To strengthen the development of practical skills which are highly valued by employers, this program develops “hands on” training for students. Pertinent topics for international careers will be addressed by specialized guest speakers, including topics such as Doing Business with Asia, Cross Cultural Negotiations, Cultural Differences and How they Impact Management, among many others.



Year 1 - 1st semester ects   year 1 - 2nd semester ects
Mathematics I 7,5   Mathematics II 7,5
Introduction to Economics I 7,5   Introduction to Economics II 7,5
Introduction to Management 6,0   Statistics I 6,0
Financial Accounting 6,0   Financial Statement Analysis 5,0
Data Analysis 3,0   Data Modeling 3,0


year 2 - 1st semester ects   yeAR 2 - 2ND SEMESTER ects
Microeconomics I 7,5   Econometrics 7,5
Statistics II 7,5   Macroeconomics 7,5
Finance I 7,5   Money and Financial Institutions 6,0
Economic History 6,0   Christianity and Culture 3,0
      Economic and Business Law 6,0


year 3 - 1st + 2nd semesters Ects
International Economics 7,5
Microeconomics II 7,5
Public Economics 7,5
Open Economy Macroeconomis 7,5
Ethics and Social Responsability 3,0
Elective Courses  


Marketing & Admissions Office - Programas de Licenciatura

Programas de Licenciatura Internacionais


Tel: (+351) 217 214 296

Programas de Licenciatura


Tel: (+351) 217 214 295


Johanna Friess

"Having one of CATÓLICA-LISBON’s alumni as my Mentor has given me the amazing opportunity to discuss every aspect of my academic and professional career."