Message from the Academic Direction to all 1st-year Undergraduate students

Quinta, Agosto 27, 2020 - 18:11

Welcome to Católica Lisbon! We hereby share information about the classes format during your first trimester with us.

As you know, the current covid pandemic imposes several restrictions in terms  of social distance and the adoption of multiple safety measures. Therefore, we had to analyse how to design a teaching format for the next semester that would allow us to respect those rules. We think it is very important that we are all at the school, meet our colleagues, make new friends, and return as much as possible to the format of physical classes, while maintaining the safety of all as a top priority. Due to the current safety measures, it will not be possible, unfortunately, to have all of you at the school at the same time.

In this context, we decided to adopt the format of offering hybrid classes: classes will be offered by our professors at the school and in each session we will have half of the students attending physically and the other half remotely, rotating between groups from time to time. This way we will guarantee that you all have the opportunity to benefit equally from the classes at the school, complementing them with remote attendance, always preserving the high teaching quality of Católica University. 

For the first year students we will be adopting a daily rotating format in which each student will come to school a certain number of days every week. More detail regarding which days will you be coming to school and how to attend remotely will be given to you next week together with your academic calendar and classes schedule.  A special first week schedule will also be shared soon.

We look forward to see you all on September 1st to start an exciting and memorable educational journey at our school!

Rita Coelho do Vale, Academic Director for Undergraduate Programs

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